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Synergistic Effect of Alginate Oligosaccharides on Traditional Fertilizers

Experimental Purpose: In order to test the effect of different concentrations of dora alginate oligosaccharide on fertilizer synergy on corn growth.

Through soil seedling cultivation trials, to study the effect of concentration variation on the growth of maize seedlings in terms of plant height, root length, and fresh weight dry weight.

alginate oligosaccharide synergistic effect on corn

The experiment was carried out in Greenhouse No. 3 of National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Changshu, Jiangsu. Add the seedling substrate to the plug tray and sow the corn seeds, keep the water and light conditions to allow it to grow normally.

When the plant grows to 3-4 true leaves, it is transplanted to the planting pot for fertilizer application.

Total 5 treatments were set up in the experiment:

  • Group A: CK, 100 % NPK;
  • Group B: 100% NPK + 0.01% Dora Aos
  • Group C: 100% NPK + 0.1% Dora Aos
  • Group D: 80% NPK +0.01% Dora Aos
  • Group E: 80% NPK + 0.1% Dora Aos
  • Group F: 70% NPK + 0.01% Dora Aos
  • Group G: 70% NPK + 0.1% Dora Aos

Field Trial Data






Colonization, First Fertilization


First measure, Second Fertilization




Measure Dry Weight


Second Measure




Measure Dry Weight


Root Fresh Weight: The root fresh weights of group E and G were much higher than CK group, and the average fresh root weight of the second measurement of group G was 2.754g, the control group was only 1.708g.

Root Dry Weight: The root dry weight of Group F and G was much higher than other groups, and group G was the highest with a daily increment of 0.0134g, 2.2 times higher than CK group.

Root Length: The root length of group F performed best among the groups, which was 58.24% higher than that of the control group.

Followed by G group and B group, 48.99% and 41.37% higher than the control group. It shows that adding 0.1% Dora fucoidan oligosaccharide in the fertilizer solution can significantly help the root development when the amount of fertilizer is reduced.

Aboveground Fresh Weight: The performance of group C and group G was the most prominent, which was 1.07 times and 1.25 times higher than that of the control.

It shows that in the case of reducing the amount of fertilization by 30%, adding 0.1% Dora alginate oligosaccharide to the fertilizer solution has a more obvious effect on the increase of aboveground biomass.

Plant Height: The plant height of group G was much higher than that of control group. There was no significant difference between the other groups and the control group.

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