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Alginate Oligosaccharide Synergistic Effect on Nitrogen Phosphate Potassium Fertilizer

Alginate Oligosaccharide(AOS) is a water-soluble oligosaccharide, which can synergize nitrogen to make it easy to be absorbed by crops, play a slow and controlled release effect, significantly improve nitrogen utilization, prevent ammonium nitrification, enrich phosphorus and potassium in plants.

Around the root system, promoting absorption and utilization, regulating the osmotic pressure and improving the soil environment can greatly reduce production costs, which is in line with the trend of modern sustainable development.

Alginate oligosaccharide enhance npk fertilizer efficiency

Most of the nitrogen fertilizer synergists that have been produced and have good application effects in the market belong to the nitrification inhibition category.

These nitrogen fertilizer synergists all have the disadvantage that they are inherently toxic. This will aggravate the hidden dangers of agricultural product safety and environmental pollution, which is not in line with the purpose of sustainable agriculture.

Therefore, the development and promotion of new non-toxic nitrogen fertilizer synergists is the inevitable way for the development of modern agriculture.

Mechanism of Enhancing Fertilizer Efficiency

For Nitrogen Fertilizer

The negative charge in Alginate Oligosaccharide combines ammonia and ammonium nitrogen in nitrogen fertilizers, forms complexes under specific conditions, slowly release nitrogen nutrients, inhibits its conversion to nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen, and finally reduces nitrogen Loss and long-term nitrogen supply, thereby improving the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer.

For Phosphate Fertilizer

Alginate oligosaccharides enable plant roots to absorb nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrogen. During this process, the root system needs to expel protons to maintain the charge balance of the root system, which reduces the pH value around the rhizosphere.

Under normal circumstances, most phosphate fertilizers will combine with free calcium carbonate in the soil to form insoluble calcium phosphate salts after being applied to the soil, which is difficult to be absorbed by plants, and the drop of pH value will activate the fixed phosphorus in the soil, thereby Improve the absorption and utilization of phosphorus by plants.

For Potassium Fertilizer

Aos improves the utilization rate of potassium fertilizer because it contains a negatively charged group cation (K+), which has a certain adsorption effect, thereby reducing the loss of potassium and improving the utilization rate of potassium fertilizer.

Commercialization Process

The common addition method is to add alginate oligosaccharide to a large number of element water-soluble fertilizers, organic water-soluble fertilizers, humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers, etc., which can improve fertilizer efficiency and nutritional value.

Many fertilizer companies add alginate oligosaccharide powder to the urea raw material for high tower granulation, and some companies add alginate oligosaccharide to nitro compound fertilizer products using ammonium nitrate solution as raw material.

Making alginate oligosaccharide as a traditional fertilizer additive can help traditional fertilizers such as urea and compound fertilizer to increase their commercial value. At the same time, it can also be used as an additive to make high-end foliar fertilizers and flush fertilization, which can improve crop quality and yield, improve crop stress resistance, and effectively improve soil environment and reduce pollution, with good economic benefits.

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  1. Hello. I was always looking for such article where we can read about mixing npk fertilizer with algae fertilizer to reduce the loss of npk into the soil and improve soil environmental.
    I learned here as well some of market mixed fertilizers are toxic and that can be avoided using DORA process.
    Why not to make synergy by mixing traditional npk with fish fertilizer made from fish waste.
    I am looking for any kind of partnership to produce such mixed or composite fertilizers in Algeria where we produce and export in large quantities the traditional npk fertilizers.
    Thanks to consider my request for partnership I am open to any discussion
    Slimane Chekebkeb
    Whatsapp 00213 561126134

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