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Anti-Cold Stress Effect of Seaweed Extract Liquid on Carrot

In order to test the anti-cold stress effect of Dora Kelpreal (Seaweed Extract Liquid) on carrot.

2. Materials and Methods

2.1 Test materials

The tested carrot is ‘ Fuji No. 7’ carrot original in Japan, the biostimulant is KelpRealTM liquid, a 100% organic seaweed product, which was provided by Suzhou Dora Agritech Co., Ltd.

2.2 Test method

The experiment was conducted in the openfield, Hongqiao Village. A total of 2 treatment groups were set up in the experiment. 30 plants were set in each group.
Group A: Control group with water.
Group B: 500x Seaweed Extract Liquid.

The carrot seeds were soaked with 24 hours and sowed with sand. Spray 500x seaweed extract liquid at the sowing time, then spray the same solution every 14 days, totally 3 times.
The planting period is from winter to spring, to test if the seaweed extract can help maintain crop growth and health in low temperature.

The related growth indexes were determined. The plant height (distance from stem base to growing point), the root length (root top to the end) in seedling stage, the carrot perimeter, freezing leaf rate and carrot weight were measured in vegetative and harvest stage.

2.3 Statistical analysis

Excel & Spass were used for data statistical analysis.

3. Test Data Collection

3.1 Record of operations

seaweed extract on carrot field trial

3.2 Carrot growth record

4. Test Data Collection

4.1 Effects of KelpRealTM on carrot seedling growth under cold stress

It can be seed from the figure group.1 that the plant height and root length in treated group are higher. In seedling stage 1, the plant height of the treated group was 20.37% higher than that of the CK group, and the root length increased by 35.75%. In the seedling stage 2, the difference between the two groups reached 48.82% in plant height and 47.06% in root length.

seaweed extract carrot growth figure

Table.1: Dynamic Growth Trends during Seedling Stage


Plant height

Root length

Seedling 1


Daily growth(cm/day)



Daily growth(cm/day)








B(KelpReal liquid)







It can be seed from the table.1 that the daily growth of plant height and root length in treated group is significantly better than that of the CK group, almost double the growth rate.

4.2 Effects of KelpReal on carrot vegetative growth under cold stress

It can be seen from figure group.2 that the plant height in the treated group is 50.8% higher than CK group, the root is 72.8% longer, 16.7% wider in the carrot perimeter. We also calculated the percentage of leaves of each plant suffering from freezing damage, the result shows that there are fewer leaves wilted in the treated group, while nearly half of the leaves appeared yellow and wilted in the CK group.


Figure group 2

4.3 Effects of KelpReal on carrot harvest time under cold stress

It can be seen from figure group. 3 that plant height in treated group is obviously higher than CK group, root is 54.7% longer, 16.4% wider in carrot perimeter. We also collected the weight of carrots in each group as yield, the result shows the treat group has advantage in carrot weight, 105% more weight than the CK group in cold conditions.

figure 3

4. Trial Results

1. In the seedling growth period, Dora KelpRealTM can well promote the growth of carrot seedlings, prompting them to quickly grow true leaves, and the growth rate above and below the ground is nearly doubled compared to the CK group.

2. Despite winter temperatures between -2 and 5 degrees celsius, which are unfavorable for carrot growth, KelpReal can help carrots to grow normally above and below ground during the vegetative growth period. Freeze-damaged leaves in the treatment group were maintained at a lower level. In the CK group, almost half of the leaves were damaged by freezing, and the plants were short and inactive.

3. Since the winter temperature is not conducive to the growth of carrots, the yield (by weight) of the CK group at harvest was significantly lower than that of the treatment group. In terms of daily growth, it can be seen that the growth of carrots in the CK group was limited, only 0.068cm/day in plant height, 0.062cm /day in root length. Under the application of Dora KelpReal, carrot plants still maintained a vigorous growth potential, and fewer leaves were damaged by freezing.

In summary, Dora KelpReal is evident in helping carrots cope with cold climate change. Quickly promote the growth of seedlings to the true leaf stage in the early stage of growth, and continuously promote the growth of the above-ground and underground parts of the seedlings. When cooling comes (climate change), Dora KelpReal still helps the plants maintain a normal and healthy growth level, the leaves are not damaged by freezing, but vigor. In winter, when plant growth is almost stagnant, three consecutive applications of KelpRealTM help carrots to produce normally in cold conditions and keep carrots commercial without deformity.

Our recommend on Dora KelpReal liquid is 500x foliar spray or sprinkling irrigation, apply 3 time at 14 days interval.

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