1-Methylcyclopropene 1-MCP on Fruits-Kiwi Fruit Shelf Life

On October 20th 2017, Dora Agri began the new field trial of 1-Methylcyclopropene on kiwifruits to investigate the effect of 1-MCP on the shelf life quality of kiwi fruit. Kiwi Fruit Test Results: Compared with the control, 1-Methylcyclopropene(1-MCP) can significantly inhibit the respiration rate and ethylene release rate of kiwi fruit during shelf life, effectively …

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Best Guide for Cannabis Fertilizers & Nutrients

If you’re growing cannabis, it’s safe to say that you want to produce the best cannabis. Professional cannabis fertilizer is essential. Growing healthy, high-yielding cannabis plants requires ensuring they have the nutrients they need to absorb.  What Nutrients Cannabis Need To make plants grow as healthy as possible. They need three major nutrients: nitrogen (N), …

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Fish Emulsion Fertilizer Use & Application in Agriculture

Fish Emulsion fertilizer use as natural organic fertilizer. This product contains high organic nitrogen content. Usually, it’s an excellent soil conditioner and natural growth-promoting agent. Below are the benefits & application of Fish Emulsion fertilizer in agriculture. Benefits of Fish Emulsion Fertilizer Improve Soil Fertility and Structure After fish emulsion fertilizer is applied into the soil, …

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Advantages of Potassium Fulvic Acid in Agriculture

Potassium fulvic acid is a short carbon chain molecule extracted from humic acid. Fulvic acid is similar to humic acid, the differences are carbon and oxygen content, acidity, polymerization, molecular weight, and color.

It has a high load capacity and physiological activity. It chelates dozens of minerals and transforms them into a form that plants can absorb.

Functions of Biofertilizer Bacillus Mucilaginosus

Biofertilizer bacillus mucilaginosus shows the high potential to be used as a fertilizer due to its multiple functions for crops. It can be used as a crop to produce food and other plant-based products. Biofertilizer bacillus mucilaginosus also can promote plant growth by dissolving phosphorus and potassium, which are a large number of nutrients needed …

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Most Common Pesticides to Control Locust

Locusts (Grasshopper) belong to the order Orthoptera, and locusts will cause different degrees of damages to agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry. Once disasters happen, grain particles will be lost, and large number of economic losses will occur. The most commonly used control for locusts is chemical pesticides. The worst locust plague in 20 years is affecting …

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Shanghai CAC Exhibition

Dora Agri is the professional supplier in agrochemicals & crop protection field and attend CACShanghai CAC Exhibition every year.
Hot products: Plant Growth Regulators, crop nutrients and crop protection series.
Welcome to Meet you at Shanghai CAC.

Welcome to Brazil Biocontrol Latam By Dora Agri

Dora Agri will attend Biocontrol Latam on 28-30th August 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our booth is Stand 32, Welcome to you ! Dora Agri is leading company which concentrated on bio-control solutions on Soil remediation, Diseases control & Plant resistance. We hope to study and share frontier bio-control technology with Agronomists, Scientists, Agricultural and Crop …

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Most Common Grapevine Diseases

There are more than 30 known grape diseases. Among them, sour rot, anthrax and powdery mildew are the most common diseases. If we know more about grape diseases, we can improve grape growing environment, promote grape yield and improve economic benefits.

What’s the Soil Crumb Structure

Crumb structure is a type of soil structure in which the structural units or peds have a spheroidal or crumb shape.Crumb structure is often found in more porous than granular organo-mineral surface soil horizons,and provides optimal pore space for soil fertility.

Best Guide to Nematode Control

At present, the most common nematode species in agricultural production are root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes, root-rot nematodes…Among which root knot nematodes are most harmful. So there are some tips for Nematode control methods.

Bacillus Subtilis Probiotic New Bio Fertilizer

Microbial fertilizers are more expensive than organic fertilizers because of the addition of biologically active bacteria! Therefore, the role of strains is the most important for microbial fertilizers. At present, the main microbial strains on the market are mainly Bacillus subtilis, so understanding the role of Bacillus subtilis is very important.

Nematodes In Soil Are Beneficial or Harmful?

The number of nematodes in the soil is abundant and varied. Soil nematodes are widely distributed in all types of soils. The number of nematodes in different soil depths is different. In the 10-20 cm soil layer, soil nematodes distribute most.

Spring outing for Bamboo park

During our whole life, Most of things that we have done will not show effects immediately. It is like nature. Sow in spring, harvest in autumn. Time will prove all of our efforts. No matter big or small, All shows that Dora is trying our best to know more about you.

2017 SIAM in Morocco

Address: Commissariat du Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc (SIAM) Booth Number:I-31 How to find our Booth ? 1.Find the International Hall. 2.Find I-31. 3.Our Booth.                

Company outdoor activity

On 28th, April, We come to Suzhou Shihu to attend company outdoor activity, including CS, Barbecue, company colleague Jill’s Birthday party and rock climbing. It is great to attend such kind of activity. On the one hand, we have mental and physical exercise, close to nature, enjoy scenery; on the other hand, it is a …

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