3 ways to build soil crumb structure by yourself?

The main measures to build soil crumb structure

build soil crumb structure

1. Intensive cultivation, increase use of organic fertilizer

Intensive cultivation makes the topsoil loose. Although the formed granules are not water-stable, they also play a role in regulating soil porosity. The continuous application of organic fertilizer can promote the formation of water-stable aggregates,and the degree of agglomeration of aggregates is high,various pores are distributed reasonably,and soil and fertilizer can be maintained and improved.

2. Rational rotation

Annual or perennial grasses or leguminous crops,which grow robustly and have developed strong root systems,can promote the formation of soil aggregates.Returning straw,planting green manure,crops and green manure rotation,and paddy crop rotation are all beneficial to the formation of soil crumb structure.

3. Reasonable irrigation, timely cultivation

Flood irrigation can easily damage the soil structure,so that the soil is compacted,and timely cultivating tillage after irrigation to prevent compaction.Timely cultivating,and fully play the role of alternating wet and dry and freeze-thaw cycles,is conducive to the formation of a large number of water instability aggregates,regulate soil structure.

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