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Dora Kelpreal(sud-15769) is Approved By OMRI

On April 7th, 2021, Our team officially submitted documents of Dora Kelpreal to OMRI. After five months of communication, Dora Kelpreal is approved by OMRI and received the certificate. Now you can find Dora Kelpreal on the OMRI website.

Email from OMRI

Dear Jessie:

I am pleased to inform you that OMRI has reviewed Dora KelpReal True Kelp Extracted Powder (sud-15769) and has determined that it is Allowed for use in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

The product is OMRI Listed® in the following Generic Material Listing(s): NOP: Aquatic Plant Products, Class: Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments.

This product will appear in the OMRI Products List© available on our website, and in the next print version. Subscribing certifiers, state programs, and others will receive information regarding the OMRI status of this product in the next quarterly update. The most recent certificate for any of your OMRI Listed® products may be downloaded at any time by visiting

The certificate for this product may be downloaded using the following link: Please note that it may take up to two days for the product listing and certificate to be available on the website. Other OMRI Listed Products

OMRI Dora Kelpreal

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