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Effect of Alginate Oligosaccharide with Urea

In order to study the effect of combined application of alginate oligosaccharide and urea on cucumber and cabbage seedlings.

2. Materials and Methods

2.1 Test materials
The tested items are cucumber and cabbage, apply Urea with alginate oligosaccharide, which was provided by Suzhou Dora Agritech Co., Ltd, named Dora Arouse.

2.2 Test method
The experiment was conducted in the united plant lab in Wuhan. A total of 5 treatment groups were set up in the experiment.

2.2.1 Seeding raising
Select cucumber and cabbage seeds respectively, uniformly put into the seedlings substrate after disinfection, and then do the greenhouse cultivation.
2.2.2 Wash application
After seed germination, need to dissolve the fertilizers with different treatments and wash into the substrate when the plants have about 2-3 real leaves.

2.2.3 After 14 days, the growth difference was observed.

3. Growth Difference (Left: Cabbage; Right:Cucumber)

Alginate Oligosaccharides with Urea

Group A: Only Urea

Trial Report of Alginate Oligosaccharides on Urea efficiency 2

Group B: Group B: 37.5g/Ha AOS

Trial Report of Dora Arouse on Urea efficiency 3

Group C: 75g/Ha AOS

Trial Report of Dora Arouse on NPK efficiency 4

Group D: 150g/Ha AOS

Trial Report of Dora Arouse on NPK efficiency 5

Group E: 225g/Ha AOS

4. Trial Results

  1. It can be seen from the above photos that the plants in the group added with ArouseTM are taller, grow vigorously, and have thicker and wider leaves than those in the control group.
  2. Among all treatment groups, the addition of 37.5 grams and 75 grams of ArouseTM per hectare had the greatest effect.
  3. At low concentration (37.5g/Ha-75g/Ha), ArouseTM can significantly promote the synthesis and transport of auxin in plants, promote root development, and improve the nutrient absorption efficiency of plant roots.
  4. Therefore, from the perspective of agricultural planting benefits, adding ArouseTM into urea can significantly improve fertilizer efficiency.

In summary, Dora alginate oligosaccharide can be added into fertilizer application or production, it improves the utilization rate of fertilizers by promoting the synthesis and transport of auxin and promoting root development. Help growers save on fertilization costs.

Our recommend on alginate oligosaccharide is 37.5-75g/Ha or mixing 100g with 1 ton of fertilizer in production.

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