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Effect of Polyaspartic acid on Tobacco Under Reduced Fertilization

In order to improve the nutrient utilization efficiency of flue-cured tobacco and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. We conducted field experiments on tobacco to study the effects of polyaspartic acid on the growth, yield and mineral nutrient absorption of flue-cured tobacco.

The results showed that under the condition of 20% fertilization reduction, the addition of polyaspartic acid promoted the growth of flue-cured tobacco and the accumulation of dry matter in the aboveground part, and the root activity, ATPase activity, and photosynthetic rate of flue-cured tobacco were significantly improved, and high levels of polyaspartic acid It is more conducive to the growth of flue-cured tobacco.

polyaspartic acid tobacco

Compared with conventional fertilization, the increase of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accumulation in tobacco leaves treated with reduced fertilization + polyaspartic acid was 2.79%~8.66%, 2.31%~9.2%, 1.15%~4.45%; soil available nitrogen, available phosphorus, The available potassium increased by 6.79%~32.29%, 5.71%~21.31% and 1.36%~31.08%; the variation range of tobacco leaf yield was -6.28%~2.46%, and the difference between the two treatments was not significant.

It can be seen that the application of polyaspartic acid can improve the absorption of nutrients by flue-cured tobacco and reduce the amount of fertilizer application. The effect of adding 5% polyaspartic acid is better.


Polyaspartic acid can absorb a certain amount of nutrients, and low levels of polyaspartic acid can absorb less nutrients, so that the plants have sufficient nutrients and better growth in the early stage, while high levels of polyaspartic acid are the opposite.

As the growth period advances, polyaspartic acid is gradually released after being biodegraded. High-level polyaspartic acid absorbs more nutrients, making the plants grow better in the later stage, while low-level polyaspartic acid loses nutrients in the early stage. Too much nutrients, fertilizer use efficiency is not ideal.

This experimental study showed that the plant height and shoot biomass of flue-cured tobacco added with polyaspartic acid increased with the increase of polyaspartic acid dosage.

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