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Effects of Reducing Chemical Fertilizers Combined with Seaweed Fertilizer on Cherry Trees

Fertilizer plays a vital role in plant growth and development. Currently, chemical fertilizers are mainly used in production. However, long-term use of chemical fertilizers will destroy the physical and chemical properties of the soil and accelerate the consumption of soil organic matter. In order to reduce the negative impact of chemical fertilizers on the environment, reducing chemical fertilizers and applying green and new fertilizers has become a new way to improve soil, improve quality and efficiency.

Seaweed fertilizer contains a variety of organic components and active substances, which can fix nitrogen, fix carbon, and decompose phosphorus. It can improve soil biological properties, promote the formation of soil aggregates, restore soil fertility, and has great potential in soil improvement. Seaweed fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer. The organic active substances in it can also effectively improve fertilizer utilization, improve the plant rhizosphere environment, promote plant nutrient absorption, enhance plant stress resistance, and improve plant growth status.

The Existing Problems

In recent years, due to the long-term use of chemical fertilizers, the physical and chemical properties of the soil and the ecological environment have been damaged. Problems such as soil hardening, salinization, and nutritional imbalances occur in orchard cultivation and management, resulting in reduced stress resistance of trees and intensified pests and diseases, seriously affecting the quality, yield, and shelf life of agricultural products.

Test Method

Randomly select 3 trees with relatively consistent growth patterns and divide them into 2 groups. A total of 5 fertilizations with an interval of 20 days. A total of 5 fertilizations with an interval of 20 days.

  • Experimental group: Reduce traditional water-soluble fertilizer by 50% + seaweed fertilizer
  • Control group: Full amount of traditional water-soluble fertilizer


Test data please email to our team.

Our Conclusion

The combined application of chemical fertilizers and seaweed fertilizers can be an effective means of losing weight and increasing efficiency. This experiment result table
It is shown that compared with the application of full amount of traditional water-soluble fertilizer, the application of reduced fertilizer mixed with seaweed fertilizer is beneficial to the growth of cherry saplings, increases the total number of branches, promotes the increase of crown width and leaves, and has less impact on chlorophyll content. It has good effect on promoting growth and strengthening seedlings.

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