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Dora Alga200 12-4-4

Dora Alga200 12-4-4 is a liquid seaweed fertilizer designed for quick start fertilizer and top dressing, Grow high yields & quality crops at a lower cost.


  • Long-lasting NPK Supplement without Soil Compaction.
  • Help Growers Get Higher Yield and Quality.
  • Induce Plant Immunity to Climate Changes.
  • Cost-Effective, Easy Application & Sustainability.

Dora Alga200 12-4-4 is a liquid seaweed fertilizer designed as a quick-start fertilizer. Getting plants off to a vigorous start is crucial, and applying a starter fertilizer ensures seedlings have abundant nutrients for establishing roots and foliage. Dora Alga200 provides fast-absorbing NPK that gives transplants and seedlings an early boost. The balanced 12-4-4 NPK formula in this liquid kelp fertilizer npk supplies essential nitrogen for leaf growth, phosphorus for root development, and potassium for disease resistance and hardiness. Using Dora Alga200 feeds plants right away and sets them up for healthy ongoing growth.



Black Liquid

Seaweed Extract


Humic acid






Total N




Function of Dora Alga200

1. Loose soil for rooting, retain water and fertilizer: After use, it promotes the formation of soil aggregate structure, increases the soil’s ability to retain water and fertilizer, and promotes root growth.
2. Promote growth: This product can achieve balanced growth of crops, supplement a variety of active substances, promote flower bud differentiation, and reduce flower and fruit drop.
3. Enhance quality and stress resistance: This product retains the active substances of seaweed to the greatest extent, which can stimulate plants to enhance stress resistance and enhance plant resistance to cold, frost, waterlogging and other stress resistance.

Dosage & Usage

Start using it 10 days after the crops are planted. It can promote rooting and growth. Use it once every 10-15 days. It can also be used during the fruit setting period. It is recommended to use it 3 times during the whole growth cycle.

1. Drip Irrigation: Dilute 300-500 times, 45 kg per hectare.
2. Flushing: Dilute 300-500 times, 75KG per hectare.


Dora Alga200 use deep-sea seaweed as the primary raw material, seaweed extract is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis and concentration in order to maximize retention of the active substances in the seaweed. The seaweed extract contains ≥50% seaweed, including various nutrients and rare marine elements such as seaweed polysaccharides and oligosaccharides. It is also rich in NPK, various vitamins and amino acids, providing comprehensive nutrition for plant growth and regulating the balance of crop development to ensure healthy and orderly growth.

Use Dora Alga200 to provide nutrients to plants while minimizing harmful effects on the soil. Unlike traditional granular fertilizers, Dora Alga200 distributes nutrients evenly without altering soil structure.

Dora Alga200 maximizes plant nutrient uptake while preventing the fertilizer from forming a dense layer that restricts the movement of water and air in the soil. Dora Alga200 features balanced nutrition from fast-acting NPK and beneficial bioactive compounds from seaweed extract to improve crop health and soil environment.

Dora Alga200, helps crops overcome climatic challenges such as cold, heat and drought. Seaweed contains a variety of bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides, amino acids, and phytohormones, that enhance stress tolerance and recovery.

As climate uncertainty becomes the norm, seaweed fertilizers are critical to protecting yields. Cytokinins in seaweed promote stronger cell division and growth, allowing for better survival from harsh climates. Alginate also strengthens cell walls and stems to prevent lodging. In addition, seaweeds enhance abiotic stress tolerance through osmoprotectants, helping plants regulate water and temperature.

The low-carbon emission reduction fertilization model is to use green, pollution-free new fertilizers to reduce or replace the application of chemical fertilizers and highly toxic and high-residue pesticides.

Through the Dora seaweed series nutritional package products and technical services, we can reduce carbon emissions, improve the ecological environment of agricultural soil, increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, and increase farmers’ income.


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