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Fish Emulsion Fertilizer Use & Application in Agriculture

Fish Emulsion fertilizer use as natural organic fertilizer. This product contains high organic nitrogen content. Usually, it’s an excellent soil conditioner and natural growth-promoting agent.

Below are the benefits & application of Fish Emulsion fertilizer in agriculture.

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Improve Soil Fertility and Structure

After fish emulsion fertilizer is applied into the soil, beneficial microorganisms in the soil proliferation rapidly, the activity can be increased by more than ten times, make the soil structure was optimized, protecting fertilizer significantly increased water retention ability.

Long term use fish emulsion fertilizer can produce a large number of earthworms, make it loose fertile soil, improved the soil ecological, can make it hard to use in the soil nutrient elements form (slowly) into a usable form (available), increased the soil fertility.

In addition, this fertilizer contains a large number of organic acids and active substances, which has a unique effect on the adjustment of soil ph.

Increase Output and Improve Quality

Organic effects of fish emulsion fertilizer can regulate and balance of plant growth and development. For the seed and seed treatments, it can stimulate seedling root growth, promote balanced absorption of various nutrients, prevent all kinds of nutrition deficiency.

Promote crop photosynthesis, speed up bloom, and fruit crop, and greatly increased the blossom and fruit-set rate. Let fruits have better color. Increase protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, and other nutrients accumulation, effectively improve product quality. And promotes fruit faster ripening for one week.

In the harvest period, the fish fertilizer can maintain the vitality of the crops, so that the harvest period is greatly extended, which is conducive to preservation and storage. As a result, the average crop yield can increase by 5 to 25 percent, depending on the crop variety, soil, and fertilizer application.

Increase Stress Resistance Ability

Fish emulsion fertilizer contains a large number of fish protein amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, vitamins, and organic acids and other organic nutrients with balanced mineral nutrients.

It can stimulate the growth of plant roots. Developed roots can enhance the ability to absorb water during the drought. Meanwhile, foliar spraying can prevent water from escaping from stomata, so it has good drought resistance.

Fish protein amino acids and a variety of natural active substances can effectively maintain the stability of plant cells, prompting plant leaves thick, the surface of the cell is arranged closely, to enhance the plant physiology, thereby strengthening the waterlogging resistance capacity, also make the diseases and insect pests are not easy to invade.

It has obvious resistance to downy mildew, powdery mildew, silver leaf disease, and soil-borne diseases such as blight, verticillium wilt, root-knot nematode disease, etc., and also has an inhibition effect on the red spider, snail, thrips and other diseases and insect pests

The organic substances in this product can buffer the adverse effects of saline-alkali on crops, so the saline-alkali resistance of crops is greatly improved.

Reduce the Use of Chemicals and Pesticides

Apply fish protein fertilizer can activate the soil, improve the ability of soil to retain fertilizer and water, prevent the loss of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other elements, and greatly improve the utilization rate of plants to chemical fertilizer (can be increased by more than 10% ~ 30%). Therefore, the amount of chemical fertilizer can be appropriately reduced, which will not affect the yield of crops, but also conducive to the improvement of crop quality.

This product has a certain resistance to disease and insect pests, so it can reduce the amount of pesticide, the use frequency & concentration. It also has the function of degrading pesticide residues. It is suitable for the cultivation and production of pollution-free food, green food, and organic food, and can effectively improve the quality.

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