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Enzymatic Hydrolysis Fish Protein Fertilizer

Dora Agri uses a low-temperature biological enzymatic hydrolysis process. Using deep-sea fish as raw material. It retains the nutrients and activities in the meat of marine fish, and will not cause damage to other active ingredients. The resulting fish protein product is a high-protein nutritional organic matter. In addition to proteins, small molecule polypeptides, and free amino acids, there are active substances such as vitamins and chitin.

Why choose fish protein from doraagri?  1. GMP standard automatic enzymatic hydrolysis workshop, to ensure the advancement of the process and product stability; 2. Mild low temperature enzymolysis technology.

It can be used as basal fertilizer, top dressing, root irrigation, drip irrigation and foliar spray. It is rich in organic matter, fish protein, peptides, etc. Its use can be beneficial to root development, improve photosynthesis, promote plant growth, facilitate flower bud differentiation, early maturity, and improve quality.

Fish Protein Applications in Agriculture

1. Improve the ability of crops to resist stress and disease, and quickly restore the growth of crops, which can significantly reduce the occurrence of various soil-borne diseases.

2. Increase the number of flowers, increase the chance of pollination, improve the fruit setting rate, improve the color change of the fruit, prevent the phenomenon of flower topping and melon topping, etc., reduce deformed fruit, the fruit is plump, full and beautiful, the fruit is more uniform, and the single fruit weight is high. Harvest earlier, increase yield, and improve quality.

3. Promote the development of the root system of crops, protect the roots, and prevent premature aging of the roots; improve the absorption capacity of the root system and save the use of chemical fertilizers. During the growing season, the nutritional status of crops can be improved, and the stems and leaves of the crops are strong.

4. The high content of liquid organic matter has a detonating effect on the beneficial bacteria in the soil, which can quickly promote the growth of microorganisms and promote the balanced growth of soil microorganisms. It can improve soil structure, control soil compaction, and improve soil fertilizer efficiency.

5. Soil improvement: increase soil organic matter content, increase the number of soil probiotics, activate soil, and reduce soil-borne diseases. Reduce high salt damage obstacles and ease continuous cropping obstacles.

Enzymatic hydrolysis fish protein fertilizer

Use As NPK Fertilizer Synergist

1. Synergistic effect on nitrogen fertilizer

Urea, ammonium bicarbonate and other nitrogen fertilizers have strong volatility and low utilization rate. After mixing with fish protein, the absorption and utilization rate can be increased by 20-40%.

In addition, the impact of fish protein on potential nitrogen in soil is multi-faceted. The stimulating effect of fish protein increases the prevalence of soil microorganisms, resulting in accelerated organic nitrogen mineralization. Reduce the volatilization loss of nitrogen, and also increase the content of soil available nitrogen.

2. Synergistic effect on phosphate fertilizer

Fish protein helps crop roots to absorb phosphorus fertilizer, and has a protective effect on available phosphorus, reduces soil fixation of available phosphorus, and improves the utilization and absorption rate of phosphorus fertilizer.

3. Synergistic effect on potassium fertilizer

The synergistic effect of fish protein on potassium fertilizer is mainly manifested in: the acidic functional group of fish protein can absorb and store potassium ions, prevent the loss with water in sandy soil and strong leaching soil, and prevent the fixation of potassium in sticky soil. Slowly decomposes potassium-containing silicates, thereby increasing the content of available potassium in the soil.

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