Dora Arouse Ca Mg+

Dora Arouse Ca Mg- 100% pure enzymatic hydrolysis seaweed extract, excellent combined with sugar alcohol chelate Ca & Mg elements.

Dora Arouse Ca Mg+, a calcium & magnesium biostimulant with alginate oligosaccharide, is aimed to supply medium elements in crops to help achieve higher fruit quality and immunity enhancement. Escort the income of crops.

Dora Arouse Ca Mg+ contains alginate oligosaccharide, mannitol, etc. The carrier is 100% pure enzymatic hydrolysis seaweed extract, using sugar alcohol chelate (mannitol) and aiming to provide crops with intermediate elements.


  • Contains seaweed natural active factors: betaine, kelp polyphenol, auxin, cytokinin, indole acetic acid, etc.
  • Alginate oligosaccharide chelate and calcium and magnesium, strong absorption, high anti-phosphorus, anti-stress.
  • 100% pure enzymolysis, organic, and environmentally friendly.



Clear yellow liquid

Aos Content(g/L)




Chelated Calcium(g/L)


Chelated Magnesium(g/L)


Dosage & Usage

  • Foliar Application: Add 1L Dora Arouse CaMg to 1000-1500L water, apply 2-3 times during vegetative growth & fruit setting period.
  • Root/Drip irrigation: Apply 6-9L Dora Arouse CaMg+ per hectare.


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