MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract Powder Growth Biostimulant

Maxicrop soluble seaweed powder is derived from fresh, uncontaminated Norwegian Ascophyllum nodosum. Containing over 70 minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. Use on fruits and vegetables to give them a more natural flavor and firm texture. The natural potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron found in Ascophyllum nodosum help to improve plant growth.

Maxicrop soluble seaweed is obtained through a fine extraction process at low temperature, preserving the valuable active components of seaweed species and helping to improve the resistance of crops to fungi, bacteria, and viruses in soil. In addition, it can promote the tolerance of plants to frost, pests, diseases, and drought.

According to the field trial, Maxicrop seaweed powder increased root growth by 60%. This sets the stage for your plants to produce bigger, better quality fruits and vegetables and more productive flowers. It also makes plants more resistant to stress.

Features of MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract

  • Initiates and stimulates cell growth
  • Make the roots grow vigorously
  • Contains important trace elements that promote early plant growth
  • Extract from Norwegian Ascophyllum nodosum
  • Contains more than 70 minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins
  • Promote tolerance of plants to frost, pests, diseases, and drought
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Application of MaxiCrop Seaweed Powder

For Soil: Maxicrop powder is used as a supplement to the fertilization plan. When mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers, it will greatly improve the nutrient absorption capacity of the crop, and it will promote the crop from seedling to harvest throughout the whole period.
When Maxicrop seaweed powder is mixed into the soil, it can be used as a soil conditioner to help improve the soil structure and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, thereby increasing plant productivity.

For Foliar Spray: When used as a foliar spray, seaweed absorbs through the stomata of the leaves and enters the plant body to transport nutrients. The absorption is faster and the effect is more obvious.

MaxiCrop Seaweed Powder VS Dora AlgaMax

Dora AlgaMax is also the Omri listed Ascophyllum nodosum extract seaweed powder, it is derived from Peru Ascophyllum nodosum by low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Retains the natural active ingredients in seaweed.

Compared to MaxiCrop Seaweed, Dora AlgaMax has the similar effect. These two products both are OMRI Listed under the USDA’s National Organic Standards (NOP). The advantage of Dora Algamax is that the price is much cheaper, but it is only shipped from China, and there is a MOQ limit.

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