Dora AlgaMax

Dora AlgaMax is Omri Listed Ascophyllum nodosum extract Seaweed Fertilizer special for organic agriculture.

Key Points

  1. High Alginic acid ≥ 18%
  2. Improve the quality of economic crops
  3. Maintain long-term stress resistance
  4. Excellent solubility for easy application
  5. Pollution-free for green agriculture

Dora AlgaMax is an organic soluble seaweed extract powder, it contains high-concentration pure seaweed extract (Peru Ascophyllum nodosum) that has significant effects on plants.

This product is OMRI Listed under the USDA’s National Organic Standards (NOP), and be applied in areas of modern agriculture, high-efficiency facility agriculture, Ornamental Horticulture Plants, and production of organic agricultural products.

Dora AlgaMax is made from Peru wild ascophyllum nodosum, adopting the patented seaweed extraction technology by the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Science and Seaweed Active Substance National Key Laboratory. It’s produced through physical crushing, biological enzyme solution, low-temperature concentration, and dry purification. Dora Algamax has characteristics of comprehensive nutrients, high alginic acid contents, good water solubility, good compatibility, quick-acting, safe, efficient, and so on.

Ascophyllum nodosum extract enhance balanced crop nutrient systems by stimulating soil microbial communities, improving plant health and helping plants respond during stress. Ascophyllum nodosum has high concentrations of key bioactive compounds that can help improve crop quality, mitigate the effects of crop stress and help improve soil health in specialty crops.

Key Points
* From Ascophyllum nodosum, Strong stress resistance, and high activity
* High alginic acid ≥ 18%, 100% water soluble
* Competitive price, hot selling in the market over 60 countries.

Product Functions

  1. Promoting root growth, alleviating crop succession barriers, improving fertilizer utilization, and delaying plant aging.
  2. Balancing crop growth, preventing branch growth and reducing pruning volume.
  3. Promote leaf growth, improve leaf photosynthesis, and facilitate nutrient accumulation, transport and storage.
  4. Promote flower bud differentiation, prevent bud drop, flower drop and fruit drop, reduce deformed fruit, small fruit and rotten fruit.
  5. Promote fruit shape, bright skin, color, high sugar content and storage resistance.
  6. Reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases such as small leaves, yellow leaves, bush, shrunken fruits, bitter pox and pox spots caused by vegetation deficiency.
  7. Repellent effect on sucking mouth-breathing pests and reduction of virus, phytoplasma and bacterial diseases caused by insect transmission.
  8. Improving the resistance of plants to freezing, cold, flooding and drought under adversity
  9. Regulate soil pH, improve the physical structure of soil, hold water and fertilizer, and facilitate the growth of soil microorganisms.


ascophyllum nodosum extract


Dark Brown Powder


Seaweed taste

Active Substance


Natural Hormones




Trace elements


Solubility in water


Packing Size

1kg 25kg

Packing of Dora AlgaMax

Dora Algamax packing

Dosage & Usage



Dilute Ratio



full-bloom stage


Diluted 2000-3000 times


10 days

Whole growth


Diluted 1500-2000 times


10 days

Whole growth


Diluted 1200 times


10 days

Attentions of Spraying

  1. Foliar spray: avoiding the sunning and raining, should be sprayed again after 6 hours during a rainy day
  2. Using interval should be not less than 10 days
  3. For foliar fertilizer, there will be a more obvious effect during a growth period of 3 times in general, you can see the effect 2-24 hours after spraying
  4. Dosage should be reduced when spray cucurbitaceae, vitaceae, malvaceae, and other sensitive crops in the seedling stage. The spraying concentration should be 3000 times. It’s normal when the leaf is frizzled after spraying. This condition will get well after 2-3 days. Spraying water will be helpful to recover quickly.
  5. In the procreation growth stage, spray with 0.2% monopotassium phosphate, boric fertilizer, and calcium fertilizer.
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