Mepiquat Chloride Effect On Crop Production

Mepigtlat chloride is a mild-tempered regulator that is used during the flowering period of crops, has no side effects on the flowering period, and is not prone to phytotoxicity. Mepigtlat-chloride can be absorbed by roots, twigs, and leaves, and soon conduct to other parts.

Mepigtlat chloride is a new type of plant growth regulator, which has a good systemic conduction effect on plants. It can promote the reproductive growth of plants. Inhibit the crazy growth of stems and leaves, control side branches, and shape ideal plant shapes.

Mepiquat chloride on cotton

Effect of Mepigtlat Chloride

Mepigtlat chloride has the effect of delaying the vegetative growth of plants. It can be absorbed through the leaves and roots of the plant and transmitted to the whole plant. It can reduce the activity of gibberellin in the plant, thereby inhibiting cell elongation and weakening the growth of terminal buds.

Control the vertical and horizontal growth of plants, shorten the internodes, compact plant type, deep leaf color, reduce leaf area, and enhance the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Mepigtlat chloride on Cotton

For cotton, the main function is to inhibit the growth of the main stem of the cotton plant, it can inhibit the height of the cotton plant, and it can also inhibit the lateral growth of the cotton plant.

Reduce the shedding of buds and bells, concentrate flowering and bolls, and increase production. Mepigtlat chloride can improve the stability of cell membranes and increase the stress resistance of plants.


1. Spray the front and back of the blade, the spray should be uniform, and the spray should not be repeated. Spray after 5 p.m. on cloudy or sunny days, and respray if it rains within 6 hours after spraying.
2. It cannot be mixed with alkaline substances, and should be used as it is prepared.
3. This product is easy to absorb moisture and should be stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place.

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