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blueberry growth in high temperature

Precautions for Planting Blueberries in Hot Weather

What are the problems that are prone to occur in a blueberry planting in high-temperature & humid weather?

  • High soil moisture makes it difficult for the root system to breathe, and the high temperature is not conducive to growth.
  • Prone to anthrax, gray mold, rust, leaf spots diseases.

Precautions For Planting Blueberries In Hot Weather?

1. Clean up and clear the drainage ditches between plots and rows to ensure smooth drainage of the garden. Summer is hot and rainy, and soil water is the main cause of yellowing leaves and even dead trees at this time.

2. Watering should be carried out in the evening, and the amount of watering should be strictly controlled. The principle is a small amount and multiple times, so as to avoid soil hypoxia caused by too much watering at one time.

3. Fertilization. In summer, the tree grows vigorously and requires a large amount of nutrients. Fertilization is mainly based on water-soluble fertilizers with a large number of elements, and the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium should be balanced.

4. Pruning in summer. Arrange the basal branches and fruiting branch groups, remove some aged basal branches, the inner chamber and the lower position, and the fruiting branches that droop after fruiting, to ensure the ventilation and light transmission of the tree body; the new shoots that are longer than 30 cm and have not stopped growing should be topped. Inhibits excessive growth and promotes branch formation.

5. The leaves are prone to bacterial diseases such as leaf spots, especially when the temperature is high after rain, the symptoms such as red spots and perforation of the leaves are obviously aggravated, and fungicides can be sprayed in advance to control them.

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