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Effect of Dora Arouse CaMg+ on Strawberry

1. Purpose

In order to test the quality improvement effect of Dora Arouse CaMg+ on strawberry, the protected greenhouse cultivation method was used to study the effects in growth, fruit setting, fruit weight and sweetness.

2. Materials & Methods

The strawberry variety tested was’ Hongyan ‘, Dora Solution is based on Dora Arouse CaMg+.

The experiment was conducted in Shennong Orchard, Changshu, Jiangsu Province. The application started at vegetative growth stage, fruit setting stage.
Group A: Control, use regular fertilizer (Balanced fertilizer in early stage, Lower nitrogen in late fertilization)
Group B: Apply Dora Arouse CaMg+(9L/Ha), along with the same fertilization in Group A.
Collect the data of weight, sweetness, colored area, size of fruits.

3. Trial Data Collection

strawberry field trial record
strawberry growth data
strawberry field trial records

4. Trial Results

1. It can be seen from the Figure.1 that the application of Dora Arouse CaMg+ can increase the sweetness of fruit by 11%-20%, compared with the CK group.

The Figure.2 shows a fact, after the first harvest, the sweetness of the fruit generally decreased due to the lack of nutrition. The sweetness of the CK group decreased by 23%, but that of the treatment group decreased by 17%.

It shows that Dora Arouse CaMg+ can help increase sweetness of fruits, reduce sweetness loss caused by nutrient consumption.

sweetness test of Dora Arouse
dora arouse use on strawberry sweetness

2. It can be seen from the Figure. 3 that the treated group has more fruit colored areas in
January, 36% higher than the control group. It means the application of Dora Arouse CaMg+
can promote the mature of fruits, and accelerate fruits to market.

figure 3 strawberry test

3. It can be seen from the Figure.4-5 that the data of weight and size in treated group is
better than that in CK group. The average fruit weight is increased by 24%, the size can be
increased by 12%.This means the Dora Arouse CaMg+ can help improve the appearance
of strawberry fruits, increase the value of fruits.

strawberry test dora arouse

4. Trial Results

In this trial, we mainly focus on the appearance and quality of fruits.

5.1. The size( fruit diameter) and weight were measured, the solution contains calcium,
helps optimize the appearance of strawberries, During the strawberry fruit setting period,
the shape and development of the strawberry fruit can be maintained, and the fruit will
become fuller after maturity, which is conducive to obtaining more market value.

5.2. We also collected the colored area of fruits in the fruit setting stage, the results show
a good effect of Dora Arouse CaMg+ in promoting the strawberry ripening process, and reduced time from farm to market.

5.3. The sweetness of strawberries helps to increase the repurchase rate in the market.
Without the use of artificial synthetic plant growth regulators, Dora Arouse CaMg+ can still
improve the sweetness of strawberries, which is due to the alginic acid and rich organic

In the subsequent fruiting, it can also slow down the decline in sweetness and enhance
the consistent taste of strawberries.

To sum up, applying Dora ArouseCaMg+ can help obtain better strawberry quality, and
supplementing calcium elements during the fruit setting period can prevent strawberry fruit
cracking and deformed fruit. In terms of sweetness and appearance, it can also be
improved simultaneously. Listing in advance can bring more benefits and repurchase to

The recommended dosage of Dora Arouse CaMg+ is 9L/Ha with (drip) irrigation.

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