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Harpin Protein Product

Dora Agri is the professional supplier and exporter of Harpin Protein based products with five years of export experience. Dora Immune is our exclusive Harpin Protein based formula. it used as a plant health promoter activates a plant’s immune system which triggers growth and defence genes.

Harpin Protein based products

Dora Agri is a professional supplier and exporter of Harpin Protein-based products (plant elicitors of disease resistance), with five years of export experience. Our primary markets include Central & South America and Western Europe, where we collaborate with powerful distributors.

Dora Immune is our exclusive Harpin protein-based plant health regulator. This product, containing Harpin and other natural organic materials, acts as a plant health promoter by activating the plant’s immune system. This activation triggers growth and defense genes.

When Dora Immune comes into contact with plant receptors on seeds, roots, and leaves, it triggers an early warning system known as “Systemic Acquired Resistance,” leading to increased plant yields and health.

Target Crops: We focus on economic crops such as cannabis, tobacco, asparagus, avocado, mango, grapes, citrus, blueberries, kiwi, apples, plums, cherries, avocados, nectarines, etc.

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Mechanism of Harpin Protein

As the diagram illustrates, Dora Immune functions by encouraging plant growth under various stress conditions, including fungal attacks.

Harpin does not directly impact pathogens nor does it enter the plant. Instead, it binds to receptors on the plant leaf, thereby initiating physiological processes within the plant.

harpin protein mechanism

Features of Harpin Protein

  • Increases plant yield and quality
  • Improves nutrients uptake ability
  • Help crop defend against plant diseases
  • Extend fruits shelf-life 5-7 days
  • Increase fruit sugars 10%-25%
  • Increase calcium uptake by>20%

Specification of Harpin Protein

Product NameDora ImmuneIngredientsHarpin Protein
AppearanceYellow LiquidpH6.0-7.0
Density1.14g/mlShelf Life2 years

Applications of Harpin Protein

1.Induce Crops to Prevent Diseases

Dora Immune is an environmentally-friendly elicitor of disease resistance. It can induce 70 kinds of disease resistance, the prevention rate & control effect of the disease is from 40%-80%.

2. Increase Plant Immunity

Stimulate crop strong repairing ability to the diseases caused by many types of adverse environmental damage. Especially for post-disaster recovery of crops, quickly promote crops’ regeneration. Restore growth and development capacity. Greatly reduce the losses caused by disasters.

3. Stimulate Plant Growth

Promote plant growth and development, self-repair, nutrient absorption and transportation, and achieve high quality and high yield, significantly increase crops yield and quality can increase crop yield by 10-55%.

How to use Harpin Protein

1. Foliar Application

Use 125 ml of Dora Immune per 100 L of water. Generally, apply 3-5 times during the germination period, seedling stage, flowering period, and the last week before maturation.

2. Seed Soaking

Soak your seeds or tubers in a Dora Immune solution diluted 1000 times. Allow them to dissolve in the solution for at least 30 minutes, shake, then soak your seeds or tubers for 10 minutes before planting.

3. Mixing

1. Dora Immune can be mixed with other products (pH 6-7) and should be used within 2-6 hours after mixing.

2. When mixed with products containing heavy metal ions, use within 1 hour, as heavy metal ions can adsorb the harpin protein, affecting its ability to interact with plant receptors.

Our Experiment on Harpin Protein

1. On Tomato

Harpin protein on tomato

In our study, the control check group revealed tomato plants with diseased and withered leaves, highlighting the initial health challenges faced. However, a remarkable transformation occurred within 40 days of applying our Harpin protein treatment. This innovative solution not only revitalized the tomato plants but also significantly improved their overall health and vitality. Our Harpin protein emerges as a game-changer in plant health, offering a potent remedy for revitalizing distressed tomato plants. This breakthrough underscores the effectiveness of Harpin protein in combating plant diseases and promoting vigorous growth, making it an essential asset for gardeners and agricultural professionals alike.

2. On Cucumber

harpin protein on cucumber

Similar to the tomato case, our study extended to cucumbers, where the application of our Harpin protein resulted in cucumbers growing larger and healthier.

3. On Melon

harpin protein on melon

We applied our Harpin protein to a melon farm previously plagued by plant diseases, which had negatively impacted melon growth. After 30-40 days of using Harpin protein, the melons on this farm showed significant improvement in their growth.

4. On Coffee

Harpin protein on coffee tree

This case study highlights actual client feedback on our Harpin protein. Prior to using our product, as seen in the CK group photo, the coffee farm produced small and substandard coffee cherries. These fruits were in poor condition, unevenly ripened, with a majority remaining green and some exhibiting browning or rotting, which suggested potential disease or nutrient deficiency. Following the application of our Harpin protein, there was a notable improvement; the coffee cherries became healthy and vibrant, turning a rich red color.

Want your farm or plants to get healthier and better just like our cases shown above? Contact Dora for the Harpin Protein!

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