Dora CopeX

Dora CopeX is a high effective chelating bactericide containing copper ions and chitosan oligosaccharides. Amazing combination of cos and copper ions.

Dora CopeX is a creative chelating bactericide containing copper ions and chitosan oligosaccharides, which stimulates growth while protecting the health of crops. The one-time application can achieve double effects without side effects.

Dora CopeX complexes chitosan oligosaccharides with copper ions and is mainly used as a bactericide, which can prevent and control leaf and soil-borne bacterial plant diseases, and has good application prospects. It has a narrow bactericidal spectrum for fungi and is only effective for four fungal diseases of downy mildew, phytophthora, powdery mildew, and cotton phytophthora.

The use of Dora CopeX in the prevention and treatment of bacterial plant diseases. Mainly used to control leaf and soil-borne bacterial plant diseases.

Features of Dora CopeX

  1. It has a broad spectrum of compatibility and can be mixed and used with most fungicides, insecticides, and plant growth regulators;
  2. The bactericidal spectrum is wide, relatively safe, and reliable, and it is not easy to cause phytotoxicity;
  3. Copper ion and chitooligosaccharide double sterilization, high efficiency, no harm to flowers and fruits, can be used in all periods;
  4. Low copper content, low residue, low pollution, and environmental protection;
  5. It can promote the absorption of iron ions, aluminum ions, and other elements, and has the effect of strengthening seedlings;
  6. It is not easy to cause and stimulate the occurrence of mites and scale insects.


The traditional copper bactericide is that copper ions attach to the surface of bacteria and act directly. The chelated copper contained in the Dora CopeX is transported across the membrane into the bacterial body. Bacteria are decomposing chelated copper while absorbing organic matter, and contact with copper ions causes the denaturation of cellular proteins.


Dora CopeX can be used in foliar spray and root irrigation. Foliar spray at 300-500x dilution, root irrigation at 1000x.

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