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Dora Alginate Oligosaccharide

Dora Arouse is a new elicitor product based on ADO(alginate-derived oligosaccharide). It will activate the plant’s SA & JA immune system and awaken the plant’s vitality from root to the top in rooting, disease defending and adapting to climate changes.

Dora Arouse is a new elicitor product based on AOS/ADO (Alginate-derived Oligosaccharide). This product is produced in full compliance with organic standards and obtained Ecocert in May 2023. (Use as raw material for fertilizer and amendment.) Compared to alginates, AOS exhibit enhanced biological activities due to their lower molecular weight and improved water solubility.

It will activate the plant’s SA & JA immune system and awaken the plant’s vitality from root to the top in rooting, diseases defend, and adapting to climate changes.

Alginate oligosaccharides can significantly increase the growth-promoting endogenous hormone content (indole acetic acid, gibberellin, zeatin, etc.) in plant roots and shoots, and promote the growth of plant roots. Research results show that 14 hours after applying this product, the content of indole acetic acid (IAA) in the plant reaches its peak value, which is 8-10 times the normal level. 

What’s the role of Alginate Oligosaccharides for crops

  • Preserve Freshness: They help keep vegetables and fruits fresh by reducing the concentration of abscisic acid (ABA), a hormone that can lead to wilting and spoilage.

  • Boost Immunity: These substances strengthen the crops’ natural defense systems, making them more resistant to a wide range of diseases.

  • Enhance Drought Resistance: By balancing the osmotic pressure, alginate oligosaccharides help crops withstand dry conditions better.

  • Support Root and Seed Growth: They encourage the expansion of the root area and promote the germination of seeds, leading to stronger and healthier plants.

  • Improve Fertilizer Use: Acting as a synergist for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) fertilizers, they enhance fertilizer efficiency by 20%, meaning plants get more nutrients from the same amount of fertilizer.

Dora Arous AOS Features


    • Contains high levels of active oligosaccharides derived from alginate.
    • Boasts superior water solubility and compatibility with fertilizers.
    • Significantly enhances root growth for healthier plants.






White Powder






100% pass through 80 mesh

95% pass through 100 mesh


Alga Oligosaccharide Content



1% Aqueous Solution Content






Water Insoluble



Our AOS Dosage & Usage

  • Seed Treatment: Formulate Dora Arouse into a solution of the appropriate concentration. Use 1 gram of Dora Arouse to treat 1 kg of seeds.

  • Irrigation for Promoting Rooting: Use 5-25 ppm. If adding it to a formula, please adjust according to the dilution concentration.

Our AOS Field Tests

1. Dora AOS Effect on Onion

On October 10, 2021, Dora Agri began testing the rooting effect of AOS on onions.

  1. Root Irrigation: For the initial application, dilute 1g of ADO in 500ml of water and stir. Next, dilute 5ml of this solution in 2000ml of water, and then use it to irrigate the roots. The area for irrigation should be 1m².

  2. Foliar Spray: At the onion seedling stage, dilute 1g of ADO in 500ml of water initially and stir. Then, dilute 15ml of this solution in 1.5L of water, and spray it onto the leaves.

Apply a total of 2 times during the onion growth period.

Dora AOS Effect on Onion

2. Dora AOS on Vegetables

Dora AOS on Vegetables

In May 2021, configure the AOS solution to the ratios of 5ppm, 10ppm, 15ppm, 20ppm, and 25ppm.

Irrigate the roots immediately after sowing and again on the fourth day. Then, cultivate at a constant temperature for 14 days.

3. Dora AOS on Increasing Fertilizer Efficiency

In 2021, Dora Agri tested alginate oligosaccharide and urea on cucumber seedlings.

From the perspective of agricultural planting benefits, adding Arouse to urea can significantly improve fertilizer efficiency.

For more applications to increase fertilizer efficiency, please feel free to contact our team.

Dora AOS on Increasing Fertilizer Efficiency

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