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Dora VincX: Zinc and Chitosan Oligosaccharide (COS) Based Antiviral Agent

Dora VincX links COS & zinc tightly to inhibit the synthesis of viral proteins. In addition, it can alleviate the damage of viruses to plants by promoting the production of antioxidants inside plants. Contact us for a quote about this antiviral agent.

Dora VincX tightly links COS and zinc to inhibit the synthesis of viral proteins. Additionally, it can alleviate the damage viruses cause to plants by promoting the production of antioxidants within the plants.

Benefits of Dora Antiviral Agent:

  • Potent Antiviral Protection: Safeguards plants against viral diseases effectively.
  • Enhanced Crop Resilience: Bolsters the natural resistance of crops to stress and disease.
  • Zinc Supplementation: Provides essential zinc nutrients to promote healthier plant growth.



Testing Results


Brown liquid


Chitosan oligosaccharide (g/L)



Small peptide

(acid soluble protein)(g/L)



Free amino acid(g/L)



Zinc chelate(g/L)









Water insoluble substance(%)



How to Use Our VincX Antiviral Agent

Sprinkler Irrigation / Foliar Spray: Mix 1L of Dora VincX with 500L of water and apply using a sprayer.

Generally, one to two preventative doses are administered before the peak occurrence of viral diseases. If the disease has already developed, please use this product immediately.

Our Packaing of VincX Antiviral Agent

Available in 1000L IBC Drums for efficient storage and use.

Use Experience

1. Antiviral Effect of Vincx On Sweet Potato

Five days after applying Dora VineX™ to sweet potatoes, symptoms like leaf curling and protrusions caused by the virus are significantly reduced, with new leaves displaying no signs of viral infection.

Key Observations:

  • Rapid Symptom Alleviation: Within a mere five days of applying Dora VincX™, the detrimental effects of the virus, including leaf curling and protrusions, were significantly reduced. This quick response time is crucial for preventing the spread of the virus and minimizing potential yield losses.
  • Protection of New Growth: Most notably, new leaves emerging after the application showed no signs of viral disease. This indicates that Dora VincX™ not only helps in managing the symptoms of already affected plants but also plays a protective role in safeguarding new growth from viral attacks.
  • Sustained Health and Vigor: The absence of viral symptoms in new leaves suggests that Dora VincX™ supports the sustained health and vigor of sweet potato plants, potentially leading to improved yield quality and quantity.

Check more details in the following images and feel free to ask us anything about this antiviral agent. We’ve been making this for decades and If you are interested in our VineX Antiviral Agent, please contact us to get a quote! 



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