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Dora Prohydrojasmon

Dora 5% Prohydrojasmon is the unique formulation of the Dora fruit color improvement series special for apple, grape, and citrus.

Dora Prohydrojasmon is an exciting new solution with a unique active ingredient (5% Prohydrojasmon) that promote color range in apple and grapes, thereby helps to achieve higher commerical value and more market likeability. 

Dora Prohydrojasmon is a synthetically made plant growth regulator that is structurally similar and functionally identical to jasmonic acid, a naturally occurring plant growth regulator present in all vascular plants. Prohydrojasmon is involved with fruit color development in red apple varieties by enhancing the accumulation of anthocyanin, which is a red pigment and found predominantly in outer cell layers such as the epidermis and mesophyll cells in flowers and fruits.

Features of Dora Prohydrojasmon

  1. Excellent coloring effect on grapes and apples.
  2. Simple to use, suitable for large-area spraying.
  3. Safety is higher, there will be no yellow leaves, leaf spots, leaves, soft fruit, etc.
  4. Prohydrojasmon production process is stable and the price is competitive.


  • Appearance: Light yellow liquid
  • Active Ingredient: 5% Prohydrojasmon
  • Heavy Metals (Pb, As, Hg & Cd): None


  • Apple: 1-2 applications, 2L Dora Prohydrojasmon per/ha per year at 7 to 14 day intervals, 7 to 42 days prior to harvest.
  • Grape: 1-2 applications, 1-2L Dora Prohydrojasmon per/ha at the color turning period.

Feedbacks of Dora Prohydrojasmon

The field trial was carried out in Changshu Dongbang Vineyard in May 2020. The grape variety was “Christmas Rose” seven years old, the reagent concentration was 20g/L 5% Prohydrojasmon formula, and it was sprayed twice in total.

Our customer shared the test data with our team. For more details, please feel free to contact our team.

Conclusions: The anthocyanin content in the peel of the christmas rose grapes treated with Dora Prohydrojasmon 20g/L) was 38.1% higher than the control group during the harvest period. The red-green difference index value and the color index value of the fruit increased, and the degree of fruit coloration increased.

Dora Prohydrojasmon on grape


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