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Glycine Betaine

Dora Glycine Betaine Special for Agriculture Use

  • Help plants to overcome environmental stress.
  • Increases yields under conditions of drought, salinity, heat, and cold.

Dora agri is one of the leading suppliers of 98% glycine betaine, plant growth hormones for all agricultural crops. Glycine betaine is an osmoprotectant that accumulates in a number of diverse groups of plants in response to environmental stress. Exogenous application of glycine betaine before or during environmental stress can protect plants against stress, prevent plants from damage and aid in the crop’s recovery. (other hot PGRs)

Glycine Betaine Description

Dora Glycine betaine is a penetration protectant for home gardens, greenhouses, and agricultural fields. Its active ingredient, glycine betaine, is a natural compound that protects plants from abiotic stresses. Conditions such as drought, heat, cold, and salt stress can lead to dehydration and can have a severe impact on crop yield. They allow plants to adapt to water scarcity. It can be applied to leaves or soil to combat dehydration and prevent crop loss.

The application of Glycine betaine in agriculture is mainly shown in the outstanding role of drought and cold resistance and other resilience. It acts as an osmotic regulating substance. It is able to form hydrocolloid-like polymers with some intracellular compounds under adversity, which have certain water-retention effects.
Under adversity, foliar spraying of betaine or seed dipping with betaine solution can improve plant stress resistance.

Highlights of Dora Glycine Betaine

  • Help plants to overcome environmental stress.
  • Increases yields under conditions of drought, salinity,  heat, and cold.
  • Product Name: Glycine betaine
  • Cas No.: [107-43-7]

  • Synonym: GB, Betaine anhydrous

  • Specification: 98%TC
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Molecular formula: C5H11NO2
  • Molecular Weight: 117.15
glycine betaine

Application of Glycine Betaine



Vegetables, Fruits

2-4Kg/ha, at the beginning of flowering, and two further applications during fruit growth (every 15 days).


1-2kg/ha.At the beginning of flowering; repeat application at petal fall and during fruit growth.


2-4Kg/ha. At the start of flowering and fruit formation.


3Kg/ha. At the beginning of flowering


2Kg/ha. At the beginning of tuber growth.

Packing and Shipping

Packing: 1 kg/Al.bag, 25 kg/Drum.
Support customize packaging

Courier Time: 5-7 days by TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS
Air Freight: 7-10 days
Shipping By Sea:

  • North America: approximately 40-50 days
  • South America: approximately 40-50 days
    Southeast Asia: approximately 10-25 day
    Africa: about 40 days
    Europe: about 30 days
glycine betaine packing


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