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Tea Saponin Kill Earthworms on Turf Grass

Dora tea saponin can be used alone as a casting worms inhibitor or mixed with other pesticides. The concentration of tea saponin used alone is 500-1200 times dilution, and it is evenly spread on the lawn.

Below is the video from our customer in Australia.

In golf courses and ornamental garden lawns, the existence of earthworms is beneficial to the change of soil structure, enhances soil fertility, and degrades the pollution of heavy metals in soil.

But if there are too many worms, a lot of worm castings will accumulate on the level lawn, making many small raised mounds on the lawn surface.

For a long time in the past, chemical pesticides have been used to kill lawn earthworms. Although chemical pesticides have a certain effect on earthworms, most of these pesticides are broad-spectrum pesticides, which are too lethal and cause great pollution to soil and groundwater. This affects turf soil and other biodiversity and the cleanliness of surrounding water sources.

Therefore, the appropriate regulation and control of earthworm populations in ornamental lawns is very important.

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