Use of Humic Acid Fertilizer in Sugarcane Yields and Quality

Dora agri used humic acid fertilizer for sugarcane, to study its effects on sugarcane yield, quality, and soil properties.

The results showed that humic acid fertilizer could significantly improve soil properties. With the increase of humic acid application rate, soil pH increased, soil bulk density decreased, soil water content increased, and soil alkaline hydrolyzable nitrogen and available phosphorus contents increased.

The use of humic acid fertilizer showed obvious effects on sugarcane tillering rate, stem formation rate, single stem weight, yield, and sugar content.

humic acid for sugarcane


The humic acid fertilizer used in this experiment has a microporous structure, which has a certain influence on the soil structure and properties after being applied to the soil.

Improves acidity in acidic soils and increases soil pH.

At the same time, the application of humic acid fertilizer has an obvious effect on the content of alkali-hydrolyzed nitrogen and available phosphorus, which is related to the strong adsorption capacity of biochar to ammonium ions and phosphate ions, which can reduce nutrient loss and increase the content of available nutrients, thereby increasing the Soil fertility improves the yield and quality of sugarcane.

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