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Benefits of Seaweed Extract Fertilizer For Lawns

Seaweed extract fertilizer is one of the most widely recognized natural biostimulants and is currently the most widely used biostimulant in lawn care management.

It contains many important plant growth regulators such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins. It also contains micronutrients, which have significant effects on promoting lawn growth, developing plant roots, enhancing soil microbial activity, improving soil, and improving plant stress resistance.

seaweed fertilizer for lawns

Seaweed extract is ideal for promoting healthy roots and beneficial microorganisms in the soil. By promoting healthy root development, lawns can be made more drought, frost, and heat tolerant.
Seaweed extract has been found to increase the stress resistance of lawns. After trials by Dora’s team, proline levels were significantly reduced on turf treated with seaweed extract.

In early spring, applying seaweed fertilizer as top dressing as soon as possible will help the lawn turn green quickly.

In summer, it can well promote the growth and development of the root system of grass, thereby effectively enhancing photosynthesis, making the leaves green, shiny, thick, and hard, and improving the resistance to the trampling of lawns.

In autumn, it can well promote turfgrass recovery from the adversity of high temperature and high humidity in summer, so as to promote the growth and development of new tiller branches and the accumulation of plant nutrients and meet the needs of autumn lawn growth.

In winter, seaweed fertilizer should be added before the lawn enters freezing, which can ensure the safe wintering of the lawn root system. It is also possible to mix the seaweed organic granular fertilizer with sand or soil to cover the lawn to protect water, fertilizer, and heat preservation.

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