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Dora Kelpreal Liquid Seaweed Extract For Lawns

Dora Kelpreal GF is a liquid seaweed extract formulation special for lawns. This product was custom-made by one of our golf lawn care customers.

Organic liquid seaweed extract plays an important role in golf turf ecological maintenance (golf turf pest management, turf nutrition management), and conforms to the “efficient, organic, and environmentally friendly maintenance concept.

Help lawns reduce chemical inputs and make turfgrass healthy, environmentally sound and sustainable.

dora kelpreal lawn

In August, we exported 15,000 kg of liquid seaweed extract to the United States for golf lawn course use.

Doraagri is the supplier of Omri-listed liquid seaweed extract products. With a wide range of liquid fertilizer production lineswe can provide customers with fastcustomized, high-quality products at competitive prices. 

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