Compatibility of Dora VincX and Pesticides

High concentrations of chitosan oligosaccharides have the properties of degrading pesticide residues, flocculating metal ions ( high concentrations of chitooligosaccharides encapsulate metal ions to aggregate and precipitate ), and destroying the emulsification state of some pesticides.

Therefore, it is not recommended that high-concentration chitooligosaccharides be directly mixed with metal-containing pesticides ( or pesticide emulsifiable concentrate ) and micro-fertilizers.


Compatibility Of Dora VincX And Pesticides

Several principles should be noted when mixing:

1. The solution should be prepared immediately before its application.

VincX is diluted according to the multiples of the instructions for use, and then the pesticide is diluted into a mother solution, and finally, the pesticide mother solution is poured into it.

VincX should not be mixed directly with metal-containing fungicides such as copper preparations, mancozeb, propineb, and phosphonium aluminum. If it needs to be mixed, Vincx can be diluted according to the use ratio first, and then the fungicide can be diluted into a mother liquor, and then the fungicide mother liquor can be poured into the vincx diluent.

2. Do not mix Vincx with single-ingredient fungicides.

3. Do not mix with insecticides.

4. VincX can be compounded with water-soluble pesticides without flocculation and other phenomena.

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