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Effects of Fish Protein Organic Fertilizer on Tomato Sweetness and Flavor

As a new type of functional fertilizer, fish protein organic fertilizer was sprayed as a foliar fertilizer on tomatoes in soilless cultivation in a greenhouse at a concentration of 3000 times, and the effects on the sugar content and taste of fruits were analyzed. The results showed that supplementation with fish protein organic fertilizer could increase the sugar content of tomatoes. In the taste test, more subjects agreed with the taste of tomato after adding fish protein organic fertilizer.

As a functional fertilizer, fish protein fertilizer has attracted the attention of growers. The fertilizer contains small molecular polypeptides, amino acids, taurine, vitamins and other active substances and is rich in calcium, magnesium and other medium and trace elements. The use of fish protein can increase tomato yield, advance tomato ripening time, and enhance plant disease resistance. Increase the sweetness of tomatoes and improve the taste of tomatoes grown in greenhouses in winter.

Field Trial Review

At the beginning of the experiment, we applied fish protein fertilizer as a single fertilizer for soilless tomato, without supplementing other nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. The results showed that the growth of tomato in the Treat group was significantly slower than CK group.

Therefore, fish protein organic fertilizer can be used as top dressing for facility soilless cultivation of tomatoes.

However, in the promotion and application, it is also necessary to apply normal basic fertilizers to supplement a large number of elements required for the normal growth of plants.

fish protein fertilizer on tomato brix test

In the taste test, it can be seen from the sweetness score that the participants generally indicated that the tomatoes in the treat group were sweeter, and the tomatoes with high sweetness were more preferred by consumers.

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