Field Trial of Dora KelpReal Pure Seaweed Extract on Tomato

Location: Field Trial in Snail Culture Park, Changshu.
Test date: 11th, May 2020
Target crop: Tomato
Test product: Dora KelpReal – Pure Seaweed Extract 
Test persons: Dora Agri Experimental Group

Dora Agri irrigated the seaweed extract when first transplanting the tomato. Then foliar spraying the seaweed extract at seedling stage, vegetative growth period & fruit setting stage.
Compared with the tomato which is not treated with the seaweed extract, the treated group appears strong ability on root building, more fruits and early mature. (Please refer to the pictures & form)

field trial on seaweed extract on tomato
seaweed extract on tomato test

At transplanting, The plant height of the seaweed extract treated group was not higher than the CK group. After applying two times, the gap was reducing. At last, the plant height of the treated group was higher 4.8% than CK.

Compared with figure1 & figure2, the Dora Seaweed extract shows the fast root growth after transplanting, helps tomato plants adapt to the drought on sunny days, lets crops absorb nutrients energetically.

DORA KelpReal-Tomate mature

From the chart & photo above, the Dora KelpReal group shows more setted fruits and early mature, the single fruit was also bigger.

Mid-term Summary:
The treated group’s growth was not good at first, but after applying Dora seaweed extract twice, it appears faster growth rate on plant height.
Dora Seaweed extract can also help build root system quickly. At first batch of mature period, the treated group has more fruits and red color appeared.

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