Water Soluble Triacontanol Products

Water-soluble triacontanol product which is a high-efficiency plant growth stimulant with wide commercial applications. Increase the rate of cell growth, nitrogen fixation, enzyme activities, reducing sugars & soluble protein of plants.

Product Description

Triacontanol products supplier

Dora Agri is the professional Supplier & Export of natural plant growth regulators and we especially focus on the R&D of Water Soluble Triacontanol Products (CAS: ‎593-50-0) for many years. We are working on providing the best quality of triacontanol products for sale at an acceptable price.

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 Triacontanol Products 

Triacontanol is known as a high-efficiency plant growth stimulant widely used in farming and gardening.

Dora Triacontanol Series Products can be used as a photosynthesis enhancer. It can significantly increase the amount of chlorophyll in leaves, thereby improving the rate of photosynthesis.

It can also increase the rate of cell growth leading to the growth of rhizomes, enhance the activity of enzymes & hormones to improve fruit sugars content and soluble protein of plants.

Dora Booster Triacontanol Series is the 100% water-soluble triacontanol products, it can be used directly by adding water for foliar spray. It’s more convenient for growers to use.

 Specification of Triacontanol  

Triacontanol for Plant Growth Regulator

1.High purity: 90%, 97% TC  (Insoluble in water)
2.Formulation: Triacontanol 0.2% Liquid, 2% EP (100% Soluble in water)
3.CAS No.: 593-50-0

water soluble triacontanol products

 Benefits of Triacontanol Products 

  • Stimulate the formation of a bud, flowers, and plant branching.
  • Increase photosynthesis and plant metabolism. 
  • Stimulate cell growth, build a healthy root system, thicken plant’s foliage and flowers.
  • Make stem and root stronger and help new cuttings grow a fast root.
  • Increase the plant’s resistance ability to stress.
  • Increase plant yields and quality.

 Application of Triacontanol Products 

Proper timing, rate, and placement are important for desired results and highly dependent on the stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels, and environmental conditions.

CropsDosage (PPM)Time of applicationMethod of applicationEffect
Rice0.5~1.0Young ear differentiation to full panicle stage.Spray the rice leavesIncrease yield.
Wheat0.1~0.5On the flowering stage.Spray the wheat leavesIncrease yield.
Corn0.1~0.5Young ear differentiation to tasselling stageSpray the corn leavesIncrease yield
Barley0.5Young ear differentiation to tasselling stageSpray the corn leavesIncrease seed set rate
Sweet potato0.5~1.0The tuber expansion periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Tea0.5~1.0Five to six days before harvestSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Jute0.5~1.0Growth periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Beet0.5~1.0Seedling stage and tuber expansion periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Oilseed rape0.5Full flowering stageSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Peanut0.5Begin the flowering stageSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Tobacco0.2Colonization periodSpray the leavesIncrease chlorophyll content
Soybean0.5Full flowering stageSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Coleseed0.5Full flowering stageSpray the leavesIncrease oil yield
Cotton0.1Full flowering stageSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Tomato0.5Flowering stageSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Sugarcane0.5Elongating stage of sugarcaneSpray the leavesIncrease sugar content
Cabbage0.5~1.0Growing stageSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Sugar cane0.5~1.0Elongation periodSpray the leavesIncrease sugar content and yield
Mushroom0.5Hyphal formation periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Jasmine1.0Before and after flower bud differentiationSpray the budPlant heightening
Watermelon0.5Seedling periodSpray the budIncrease sugar content
Cannabis0.5~1.0Growth periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Potato0.05Flowering periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Cucumber0.5Initial flowering periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield
Chili0.5Initial flowering periodSpray the leavesIncrease yield


Field Trial

The Test Report of Dora Booster Triacontanol on Growth of Citrus


1. Materials And Methods

1.1 Materials

Dora Booster Triacontanol 0.2% ew (Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech Co., Ltd. supply)

75% gibberellic acid crystalline powder

1.2 Test time

Test time:In late April, overcast to cloudy weather, the temperature is 14 ℃ -20 ℃; in May the average temperature is 21-27℃, 14 rainy days, 210mm rainfall; in June, the average temperature is 24-33 ℃, 11 rainy days, 150mm rainfall; in early July, the temperature is 28 ℃ -37 ℃.

1.3 Soil condition

Red clay soil, after years of improvement, with higher fertility, about pH 6. The citrus garden has entered the rich fruit period, production levels reached 3000kg per 667m2. Spraying herbicides in citrus garden, less weed.

1.4 Selected Crop and variety

Citrus, Wenzhou Satsuma precocious species, age of 12 years, planting specifications 4m×3m. Soil cultivation, fertilizer management and growth conditions are the same for each test cell and are consistent with local agricultural production.


2.Test Design And Arrangement Dosage

2.1 Test design

Each test cell randomly arranged. The test included five treatments, repeated four times. There are 20 cells in total. 3 citrus trees per cell (36 square meters).

Treatment a: apply Dora Booster Triacontanol 0.2% ew at the rate of 1:2000, spray 160 litres of water per  667m2.

Treatment b: apply Dora Booster Triacontanol 0.2% ew at the rate of 1:3000, spray 160 litres of water per 667m2.

Treatment c: apply Dora Booster Triacontanol 0.2% ew at the rate of 1:4000, spray 160 litres of water per  667m2.

Treatment d: apply gibberellic acid crystalline powder at the rate of 1:33500, spray 160 litres of water per 667m2.

2.2 Mode of application dosage

2.2.1 Test time and frequency

Spray once during the citrus flowering period (April. 24th), young fruit period (May.12th), fruit enlargement period (July.2nd), spray 3 times totally.

2.2.2 Equipment

16 knapsack hand sprayer

2.3Plantation management

Test citrus garden pest control is in a conventional way, from April to September, a total of spraying insecticides, fungicides six times, the number of spray times, times, and dosage of each test cell is the same.


3. Result And Analysis

3.1 citrus growing effect and significant difference between the measurement results as follows.

TreatmentFlower budCrown heightCrown diameter Branch mountNew shoot length
Treatment a26360aA2.6aA3.65aA493.5aA23.7aA
Treatment b26574.5aA2.7aA3.63aA485.3abA22.6abA
Treatment c26138aA2.5aA3.55aA486.3abA22.2abA
Treatment d25810aA2.4aA3.48aA474abA24.8aA


1.Effect of each treatment was repeated four times.

2.Use “DMRT to do the significance of different measurement.

3.Use the letter method to compare the difference notability.

3.2 Fruit setting and yield increase difference between the measurement results as follows:

TreatmentFruit amountFruit setting rateSingle fruit weightSingle  plant  yieldGrowth  rate


Treatment a1001.5bAB3.80bB67.5bcB61.75aA6.01
Treatment b993.5bAB3.74bB69.0bcB61.25aA5.15
Treatment c961bcB3.68bcB72.3bAB60.75aA4.29
Treatment d1128.8aA4.38aA63.8cB61.5aA5.58


4. Results And Discussion

4.1 Result

Apply 3 times of Dora Booster Triacontanol 0.2% ew during citrus flowering period, young fruit period, fruit enlargement period, which can significantly increase citrus fruit setting rate by 4-6%, and it also can promote fruit germination, benefits next year citrus crown formed and flower buds increased. It has a good effect on citrus growth and yield increase and is safe for the crop, which can be widely used.

4.2 Discussion

Spray Dora Booster Triacontanol 0.2% ew, dilute 2000-3000 times in the citrus flowering period, young fruit period, fruit enlargement period. Spraying citrus trees should be uniform thorough spray, the dosage is based on tree size.


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