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Fish Protein Hydrolysate

Dora Fish Protein Hydrolysate is a new and efficient organic fertilizer. Manufactured by the cold enzymatic hydrolysis of fresh deep-sea fish.

Dora Fish Protein Hydrolysate is a pure natural organic fertilizer with a fish protein content of up to 40% and a small peptide content of 32%. Made from fresh North Atlantic deep-sea fish. Manufactured by a unique low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis technology, which can retain vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and natural plant growth hormones. It also contains all the micro and macronutrients naturally present in fish. Nutritional balance is good for crop absorption.

Fish Protein is like a natural growth hormone, will make plants stronger, healthier, and grow faster.

Dora Fish Protein Hydrolysate can be applied as a soil amendment through an irrigation fertilization system or foliar spraying. After use, it can quickly replenish various nutrients, improve crop growth, and enhance crop resistance to drought, cold, and disease.

After applying to the soil, the content of soil organic matter is greatly increased, which can quickly promote the reproduction of soil microorganisms.

Scope of Application

Fish Protein Hydrolysate is suitable for all kinds of crops. It is used for dressing seeds, spraying seedbeds, planting and irrigating roots, topdressing in the middle and late stages of growth, and foliar spraying, etc., with significant effects. Dora Agri conducted experiments with different dosages on potato, sweet potato, cucumber, eggplant, and other crops. After 2 years of comparison, we found that the yield can generally increase by 10% to 30%.

1. Promote the germination rate of seeds
2. Promote the development of seedling root system and improve stress resistance
3. Increase vegetable VC content, reduce nitrate content, and improve nutritional quality.
4. Increase chlorophyll content, promote metabolism and promote growth.
5. Promote the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium by plants, which is conducive to vegetative growth and helps increase yield.
6. Activate soil nutrients, improve soil microbial activity, and prevent soil degradation.

Specification of Dora Fish Protein Hydrolysate



Testing Results


Brown Liquid



Fishy smell


Total Protein %



Small peptide %






Water insoluble %




Below 40℃, store in a dry place


1. In December 2019, we analyzed the application effect of Dora Fish Protein Hydrolysate on strawberries through customer trials in the Changshu strawberry garden.

The results showed that compared with the control group, applying fish protein hydrolysate after strawberry fruit setting can increase strawberry leaf color value, increase chlorophyll content, and accelerate the growth rate of fruit transverse and longitudinal diameter, thereby promoting fruit expansion, increasing yield, and also increasing the sugar content of the fruit improves the quality;

With the increase in the application amount of fish protein, the promotion effect is enhanced. Among them, the application rate of 10 kg/ha has the best effect, the sugar content increased by 11.11%, and the yield increased by 12.93%.

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Fish protein hydrolysate on strawberry


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