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Fulvic Acid

Dora Agri supplies Organic Fulvic Acid 90% Powder, it’s 100% water soluble and OMRI Listed. Especially for sustainable agriculture.

Dora Fulvic HQ is a water-soluble yellow-brown 90% fulvic acid powder with OMRI Listed derived from peat.(sud-17249) It has an amazing nutrient carrying capacity. It can be added to any initial fertilizer or foliar application because it will significantly increase the effective absorption of nutrients in the field.

In the soil, fulvic acid soluble powder provides a rich carbon source to stimulate microbial activity and improve root efficiency. It is a natural chelating agent that combines with the nutrients in the soil. Plant roots absorb these fulvic acid nutrient compounds, which effectively improves the efficiency of plant absorption of nutrients and reduces the loss of nutrients in the soil.

This product can be used as foliar fertilizer directly in the solution, dry mixed with other granular fertilizers, or applied to the soil through an irrigation and fertilization system. Mechanism of Fulvic Acid For Plants

If need any more details of technical index, customized formulations, please feel free to contact our team.

Specification of Fulvic Acid



Testing Results

Fulvic acid(dry base)






Particle size

100 mesh





pH Value



Fulvic Acid Use in Agriculture

1. Improve Soil Condition

Increasing the content of soil organic matter and increasing soil permeability are conducive to the survival and reproduction of soil microorganisms. Microorganisms can increase the total nitrogen and available phosphorus content in the soil, thereby improving the nutrient content of the soil and improving the quality and yield of crop products.

Improve the utilization of beneficial elements in the soil. Fulvic acid can convert various elements fixed in the soil from inorganic form to organic form through cation exchange, chelation, complexation and adsorption, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate.

To improve the physical condition of the soil, fulvic acid can improve soil porosity and air permeability, improve soil water and fertilizer retention, thereby improving the soil’s physical condition.

To reduce the harm of harmful substances to crops, it can absorb and buffer in the soil to buffer the acid, alkali, and salt in the soil, thereby reducing the harm to crops.

2. Promote Seed Germination, Plant Growth, and Improve Fruit Quality

3. Improve Crop Stress Resistance

4. Perfect Compatibility to Mix with Chemicals

Mixed with chemical pesticides, the effect is significant. Fulvic acid contains a variety of surface active substances, which can reduce the surface tension, promote the dispersion, emulsification and wetting of chemical pesticides, improve the physical condition of the liquid medicine, and improve the effect.

Packing Photo of Fulvic Acid Powder

Our usual packing is 25kg per bag and also supports custom packaging.

packing photo of fulvic acid powder
90 fulvic acid powder package



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