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Test Product

Conclusion(optimum concentration)


Kelpreal Liquid (500x)    Kelpreal Powder(1000x, 1500x, 2000x)

Aminolex Powder(1000x)

Kelpreal powder 1000x increase production and sweetness;

Aminolex (1000x) increase yields


Aminolex Powder(500x, 1000x)

Aminolex(1000x increase yields)


Kelpreal Powder(800x, 1500x)

Kelpreal Powder 800x increase yields and sweetness.


Multi Bac(300x, 500x)

Recommend 500x, increase hundred grain weight.


Kelpreal Liquid(500x) +

Rootguard WP(500x)

Used together, it improves the appearance and taste of the fruit and almost doubles the yield.
Effectively prevent white powder gray mold disease.




Used together, enhance soil organic matter and overcome soil compaction
Increases production by 37%




Used together, Improve soil condition, increase seed germination. And increase corn size and yields 35%.


CopeX(300x), Rootguard WP(500x)

CopeX has antibacterial effect. When used 300 times, the sweetness of tomato is the highest, the weight of a single bunch of fruit is the largest, and the sweetness is the highest. RootGuard also has a control effect on tomato diseases.


Dora Arouse(5ppm), IBA, IAA

The experiment in progress: Contrast rooting effect (Report)



Leaf increased by 48% and yield increased by 40%

Work Content and Feedback

Experiment Area

Work Contnet

Da HongQiao

Use the corresponding product every 7 days, measure the relevant data every 14 days, weeding and observing the state of the plants, discover the disease in time, and communicate with the supplier for solutions.

Agricultural Science Research Insistute

During the test, take pictures of sprayed products and measurement.

Problems in Field Trials

1. The carrot growth period is about 110 days. The carrot planting is late this time. At this stage, the weather is cold and the carrot grows slowly.

2. Dora CopeX‘s experiment on tomatoes is useful for some diseases, but it has a poor control effect on viral diseases.

3. In the Dora Arouse rooting test, compared with IBA, the brown algae oligosaccharide group had significantly better indicators than the modifier treatment. The NAA group has an inhibitory effect, and it is assumed that the concentration is too high.
Do another low concentration test.

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