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Dora Soil Amendments

Soil Amendment also called soil conditioner, which improves soil conditions by increasing aeration, water retention, and nutrients. It refers to the use of multidisciplinary theories and techniques such as soil science, biology, and ecology to eliminate or prevent adverse factors that affect crop growth and soil degradation, improve soil properties and soil fertility, to create a good soil environment for crops. 

Healthy soil is the basis of maximum agriculture production; it supports natural elements cycle, producer-consumer interaction. The area where the crops most closely contact the soil is the root area. A healthy soil environment is conducive to the growth of roots, including the capillary distribution of roots, and the vitality index of roots.

Why is soil amendment so important?

As the overdosage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the soil is becoming weak as the pH balance is broken, with fewer nutrients and organic matter, crops have poor living conditions. So the soil amendment is necessary when it is in agriculture production.

Soil amendment is the most effective way to solve soil problems. Soil conditioner products increase soil porosity through processes such as ion exchange, soil adsorption, and complex reactions to loosen soil, improve soil permeability, break soil compaction, and deepen cultivated layers.

At the same time increase the soil aggregate structure, effectively coordinate soil nutrients, comprehensively improve soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions, and create a favorable environment for the growth and development of crop roots. Improve and protect the soil environment through soil improvement technology, prevent pollution, maintain ecological balance, improve the safety of agricultural products, and closely integrate the sustainable development of agricultural economy and environmental construction, which can improve the stability and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Common soil conditioner solutions

1. Soil Water Conservancy Improvement, such as establishing farmland irrigation and drainage projects, adjusting groundwater level, improving soil moisture status, eliminating and preventing swamping and salinization;

2. Soil Engineering Improvement, such as the use of leveling land, construction of terraces, flood diversion and other engineering measures to improve soil conditions;

3. Biological Nutrients Improvement, using various biological fertilizer to increase soil organic matter to improve soil fertility, or build a protective forest to prevent soil erosion, etc.;

4. Soil Tillage Methods, improving soil conditions through improved tillage methods;

5. Apply Agrochemicals, such as the application of chemical fertilizers and various soil amendments to increase soil fertility, improve soil structure, and eliminate soil pollution.

Recommend Products from Dora

1. Dora Nemaxe®: Dora Nemaxe® is a microbial product aimed to limit the living condition of nematodes, to prevent nematodes’ nibble of roots, and block the spread of disease indirectly. It can also improve the soil conditions like granule structure, pH stability & nutrients expanded.

2. Dora FishBlendTM:Dora FishBlendTM can supply organic matters for soil, the polypeptides extracted from fishes are quality and comprehensive, the crops can absorb the stimulant matters continuously. On another hand, with the decomposition of peptides, it also provides a sufficient source of carbon and nitrogen for soil microorganisms.

3. Dora RootGuardTM:Dora RootGuardTM is based on Trichoderma harzianum with high purity and selected strain, it can help inhabit the pathogens in the soil and induce the crops’ diseases defending the ability to achieve the purpose of soil conditioner.

4. Dora B.SubtilisTM: Dora B.SubtilisTM is based on bacillus.subtilis, a beneficial microbe widely used in agriculture, soil improvement. It can help balance the soil flora, secrete more substances that can promote crop growth, and inhibit the propagation of pathogens.

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