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Application of Potassium Fulvic Acid and Fish Protein on Tomatoes

In recent years, many biostimulants for promoting crop growth, improving quality and yield have been released, such as humic acid, amino acid, alginic acid, chitosan oligosaccharide, fish protein, and so on.

Fulvic acid is a component of humic acid with a smaller molecular weight, better activity, and easier absorption by crops.

It has the functions of improving soil structure, improving fertilizer utilization rate, enhancing crop resistance, promoting crop growth, and improving crop quality. Mineral source potassium fulvic acid has been widely recognized for its effects of promoting root stress resistance, improving quality, and increasing yield, so it is widely used in agriculture.

As a new type of biostimulant, fish protein has a significant effect on improving crop quality.
It has become a new hotspot in the field of modern agriculture.

fulvic acid fish protein on tomato

In this experiment, we are combining mineral-sourced potassium fulvic acid with fish protein to explore how to increase the quality and yield of tomatoes.

Test Products: 

  1. Fulvic Acid
  2. Fish Protein Biostimulants

On tomato stems, it shows that both potassium fulvate and fish protein are beneficial to promote the growth and development of tomatoes, and the effect of combining the two is better. (20% potassium fulvic acid + 50% fish protein is the best)

Effect on Quality of Tomato

In terms of tomato soluble solids, sugar content, Vc content, 20% potassium fulvic acid + 50% fish protein used together, the effect is better. (This group has the highest protein content)

For 20% potassium fulvic acid + 50% fish protein, Stem thickness and single fruit weight increased the most, 19.07% and 25.62%. The increase in production was also the largest, at 8.2%.

There are significant differences with other groups in soluble solids, sugar-acid ratio and Vc content, which can significantly improve the quality and taste of tomatoes. It shows that fish protein plays an important role in improving crop quality.

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