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Application of deep-sea fish protein water-soluble fertilizer on strawberries in greenhouse

Fish protein water-soluble fertilizer is a popular pure natural fertilizer in recent years. It can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing, root irrigation, drip irrigation, and foliar spray in the planting of various economic crops.

In the winter of 2020 and the spring of 2021, we conducted a comparative test of applying a new type of fish protein water-soluble fertilizer in greenhouse strawberry cultivation to observe the growth, yield and quality of the new type of deep-sea fish protein water-soluble fertilizer applied to strawberries.

The results show that the use of fish protein water-soluble fertilizer can not only promote the development of the root system of strawberry production seedlings in the greenhouse, but also increase photosynthesis, promote the growth of strawberries, and facilitate the differentiation of flower buds. Moreover, the quality of strawberries has been greatly improved, and the sweetness has increased by more than 1 degree.

Conclusion: Reasonable application of deep-sea fish protein water-soluble fertilizer can make strawberry plants grow significantly stronger, increase yield, improve fruit quality, promote early flowering and fruiting of strawberries, and increase fruit firmness, which is conducive to fresh-keeping, transportation and storage, and has a good prospect for popularization and application .

fish protein on strawberry in greenhouse

Deep-sea fish protein fertilizer refers to the refined and refined marine substances made from deep-sea fish, which contain a large amount of free amino acids and rich collagen, free amino acids (18 kinds), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, nitrogen, phosphorus) ), nucleotides, polysaccharides, betaine, taurine, vitamins and growth factor collagen and other biostimulants, as a functional fertilizer, can continuously supply the nutrients needed for crop growth and activate crop activity.

It can be used as basal fertilizer, topdressing, and after being applied to the soil, it can greatly increase the content of soil organic matter, rapidly promote the reproduction of soil microorganisms, thereby activating soil nutrients, increasing soil fertility, and improving soil fertility and water retention capacity.

Test Greenhouse on December 10, 2020, December 30, 2020, January 18, 2021, February 6, 2021, February 20, 2021, March 7, 2020, March 25, 2021 Fertilize Dora’s deep-sea fish protein in stages once a day, followed by drip irrigation, a total of 7 times.

For Leaf Thickness and Pedicel Thickness: The leaf thickness and pedicel thickness of the fish protein water-soluble fertilizer treatment were significantly higher than those of the control. Relatively strong and not overgrown, the leaves are dark green and shiny, the leaves are thickened, and the leaf stalks and pedicels are thicker.

Yields: In the statistics of harvested strawberry yield in the greenhouse, the yield of the application of fish protein water-soluble fertilizer was 50-100 kg higher than that of the control group, and the performance was more prominent in the fruiting period of strawberry in the greenhouse in January and February.

Strawberry Growth and Fruit Quality: With the application of deep-sea fish protein water-soluble fertilizer, the average single fruit weight of a strawberry was 36 g, which was 3 g more than that of the control.

The soluble solid content increased by 0.9% compared with the control, the sweetness increased, and the taste was good. It was resistant to transportation and storage, and the shelf life was extended.

The comparison test shows that the application of fish protein water-soluble fertilizer on strawberries will thicken the strawberry leaves, enhance the surface gloss of the leaves, improve the plant growth and resistance to disease and stress, uniform strawberry fruit size, less deformed fruit, sweet taste, and enhanced hardness. Value is enhanced. It can be popularized and applied in a large area in strawberry production.

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