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Functions of Biofertilizer Bacillus Mucilaginosus

Biofertilizer bacillus mucilaginosus shows the high potential to be used as a fertilizer due to its multiple functions for crops. It can be used as a crop to produce food and other plant-based products.

Biofertilizer bacillus mucilaginosus also can promote plant growth by dissolving phosphorus and potassium, which are a large number of nutrients needed for plant growth. It releases these nutrients from soil minerals such as long stone and mica, making them soluble forms that plants can absorb.

Bio Fertilizer Bacillus mucilaginosus

1. Potassium & Phosphorus Dissolving

Bacillus mucilaginosus is a microbial fertilizer that can improve potassium nutrition in crops. Silicate bacterium has a strong ability to dissolve potassium, usually 84% ~ 139% more than the control group.

About 95% of the phosphorus in the soil exists in a state of insoluble minerals. Most of the soluble phosphorus fertilizer is quickly fixed after being applied to the soil, and it is transformed into inorganic phosphorus that is difficult for plants to absorb.

Since Biofertilizer bacillus mucilaginosus can decompose inorganic phosphorus minerals, it can release insoluble phosphorus nutrients for crops to absorb.

The process of dissolving phosphorus mainly involves two ways. One is to promote the dissolution of inorganic phosphate in the soil by phosphate-dissolving bacteria; the other is to promote the decomposition and release of organic phosphorus in the soil.

2. Nitrogen Fixation Function

This type of bacteria can grow well on a completely nitrogen-free medium and is not adapted to high nitrogen culture growth conditions.

3. Promote Growth and Improve Disease Resistance

This kind of bacteria can stimulate crop growth (secreting indole) and inhibit crop diseases.

Some strains can produce antibiotics, even more than one antibiotic, and can limit many diseases caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as pathogenic Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia solani.

4. Adsorption Function

Biofertilizer Bacillus mucilaginosus is characterized by high polysaccharide yield, strong adsorption capacity, non-toxicity, low pollution, wide pH range, good flocculation effect, and low cost.

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