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Dora Arouse on corn reduce fertilizer use

Dora Arouse Helps Reducing Fertilizer Inputs by 30%

1. Purpose

Study the effect of Dora Arouse fertilizer synergy on corn yield by using the method of soil seedling irrigation and root irrigation.

Product details of Dora Arouse

Dora Arouse on corn

2. Materials & Methods


The corn variety tested was ‘Yulongnuo 1612’, and the biostimulant was Dora Arouse. Provided by Suzhou Dora Agritech Co.,Ltd. Seedling substrates, urea and compound fertilizers are provided by the CSNAP.( a Dora Cooperative Experimental Team)


The trial was conducted in the CSNAP in Changshu, Jiangsu. On March 13, the seedlings were raised in advance, and on April 3, the seedlings were transplanted with a spacing of 30 cm. Fertilizer can be applied when the plants have grown to 3-4 true leaves. A total of 3 treatments were set up in the experiment, as follows:

Group A: Control, only urea and compound fertilizer were applied

Group B: Reduce the amount of fertilization by 30%, and add 0.01% of Dora Arouse to the fertilizer solution

Group C: Reduce the amount of fertilization by 30%, and add 0.1% Dora Arouse in the fertilizer solution

In this trial, photos were taken to record the yield differences between different treatments, which were ultimately reflected in the yield indicators such as single panicle yield, hundred-grain weight, fresh panicle dehulling rate, grain moisture content, theoretical and measured yield, etc.

3. Trial data collection

Dora Arouse on fertilizer input trial

4. Trial results

To test the fattening application effect of different concentrations of Dora Arouse, the impact of alginate oligosaccharides of different concentrations and styles on the yield of corn was studied. After Dora Arouse was mixed uniformly with urea compound fertilizer, it was uniformly sprinkled and applied near the roots of each corn plant in each small plot. After completing the treatment according to the experimental program, the plants were harvested, and the relevant data were measured.

The data are now analyzed as follows.

data of corn Spike
Weight of Hundred Grains
Fresh Panicle Dehulling Rate
Grain Moisture Content
Actual Plot Yield Total Yield

5. Conclusion

In summary, compared with the control, treatments with 0.01%-0.1% Dora Arouse reduced fertilizer usage by 30% without negatively impacting corn yield and quality.

In contrast, Dora
Arouse promoted both corn quality and yield, improving fertilizer use efficiency. The application of Dora Arouse helped enhance the spike quality and grain productivity of corn.

For people who enjoy fresh corn, the 0.01% treatment increased corn moisture content for a richer texture.

Specifically, Figures 1 and 2 clearly show that all Dora Arouse treatments had significantly higher ear weights and 100-grain weights than the control. Group B achieved the highest single-grain quality and ear weight.

As Figure. 3 indicates, the highest Dora Arouse concentration significantly enhanced grain filling and yield potential in corn, resulting in a higher fresh ear yield rate.

According to Figure 4, corn kernels treated with Concentration B had the highest moisture
content but a noticeably better eating quality.

Most indicative was Figure 5&6. Treatments B and C used the Dora Arouse,but reduced
fertilizer inputs by 70% without decreasing yield, demonstrating that Dora Arouse can
improve fertilizer use efficiency.

The recommended dosage of Dora Arouse is 0.01%-0.1% addition in fertilizer. 0.1%
addition can increase hundred grain weight, fresh panicle dehulling rate and total output.
0.01% addition can improve grain moisture content to improve taste.

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