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Mechanism of Fish Protein Hydrolysate Increasing Crop Freeze Tolerance

Fish protein hydrolysate fertilizer can increase crops’ freeze tolerance. When it is applied to fruit trees, it can improve the anti-freezing and cold-resistant ability of fruit trees, provide a good growth environment for fruit trees, and reduce the adverse effects of climate, temperature, and other factors on fruit trees.

Thereby ensuring the quality of fruit trees and ensuring the yield and quality of fruit.

Details of Fish Protein Hydrolysate

Fish Protein Increase Crop Freeze Tolerance

Factors Increasing Freeze Resistance

1. Because the fish protein contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. After spraying on the plant body, the plant froze only at a very low temperature. So even in the cold wave weather, the plant will not be frozen or damaged.

2. Fish protein hydrolysate fertilizer also has more proline, which can effectively protect the plant cell membrane.

Prevent it from being damaged when the high cold and high-temperature weather comes, crops can still grow healthily, the cold protection function of plants is strengthened, and all kinds of crops can also grow in low-temperature environments.

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