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Benefits of Enzymatic Hydrolysis For Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer

The advantages of the low-temperature(40℃) enzymatic hydrolysis technology of Dora Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer are that the degree of degradation is mild, and the nutrients and activities in the meat of marine fish are retained to the maximum extent, and other active ingredients will not be damaged.

Under the environment of strong acid and alkali, amino acids are easily damaged in different degrees, which can easily cause a racemization reaction and produce a variety of toxic substances.

Compared with acid hydrolysis and alkaline hydrolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis has great advantages in maintaining nutrition and reducing toxicity. Protease hydrolysis has the advantages of relatively mild reaction conditions, strong specificity, fewer by-products, and easy control of the hydrolysis process.

The final fish amino acid product is a high-protein nutrient organic matter, including protein, small molecule peptides, free amino acids, and active substances such as vitamins and chitin. No waste, maximum use of resources. It’s more easily absorbed by plants.

Dora Fish Amino Acid uses fish protein extracted from deep-sea fish as the main raw material and is equipped with effective medium and trace elements, plant growth factors, enzymes, and other microbial catalysts extracted from deep-sea plants. Dora fish protein organic fertilizer is a perfect source of plant growth and soil nutrients. 

fish amino acids fertilizer product

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