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Dora Organic Fish Fertilizer Series

Organic fish fertilizer is the use of modern biochemical technology, with fish protein extracted from deep-sea fish as the main raw material, combined with effective medium and trace elements, plant growth factors, enzymes extracted from deep-sea plants. From the comparative experiments of various crops from dora agri, it is found that the use of organic fish fertilizer can usually increase the production capacity by 20% to 50%.

Dora Fish Fertilizer Production Process

Dora Agri is the leading supplier of fish fertilizer based series products. (Including liquid and powder). The production line is produced in strict accordance with the technology of “Low-Temperature Directed Biological Enzymolysis Method”. The advantages of this technology are that the degree of degradation is mild, the nutrients and activities in marine fish meat are retained to the greatest extent, and other active ingredients will not be damaged, and the resulting fish protein products are high-protein nutritional organic matter.

Maximize the use of marine resources and fully retain active substances such as proteins, small molecular polypeptides, free amino acids, vitamins, and chitin.

fish fertilizer production line
organic fish fertilizer production

Benefits of Fish Fertilizer

1. Improve Soil Condition

After applying fish fertilizer to the soil, the beneficial microorganisms in the soil multiply rapidly with organic substances such as fish protein as the carrier, and the activity can be increased by more than ten times, so that the soil structure is optimized, and the ability to retain fertilizer and water is significantly improved. If used continuously for one to several years, a large number of earthworms can be produced in the soil, making the soil loose and fertile, significantly improving soil ecology, and adjusting soil pH.

2. Increase yield and improve crop quality

Dora fish fertilizer can regulate and balance plant growth and development. After flushing, it can stimulate the root growth of seedlings, make the leaves dark green and the stems thick, promote the photosynthesis of crops, promote the early flowering and fruit setting of crops, and effectively improve the product quality.

3. Enhance crop resistance to disease and stress

After Dora fish fertilizer is sprayed on plants, it can effectively reduce plant freezing damage. At the same time, foliar spraying can reduce water loss, enhance drought resistance, improve waterlogging resistance, make it difficult for bacteria and pests to invade, and significantly improve stress resistance.

In summary, Dora fish fertilizer has the following effects: 1. Supplementing plant nutrition; 2. Improving soil compaction; 3. Activating soil fertility; 4. Improving product quality;

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