Dora Soylent

Dora Soylent is a 100% enzymatic amino product extracted from soybean. As an environment-friendly plant source biostimulant, it supplies sufficient polypeptides to crops, to promote root & fruit growth. No extra chlorine, sodium to avoid root injury. No special pungent odor, prevent the gathering of pest.


  • High content of suspension organic matter
  • 100% enzymatic craft, material from soybean
  • No extra chlorine, sodium, no pungent odor


  • Promote root growth, protect the root from chlorine, sodium
  • Supply polypeptides, maintain fruits’ flavor and quality
  • No pungent odor, avoid the gathering of pests


(Sprinkling/Drip) Irrigation: Apply 10-15L Dora Soylent per hectare with 800-1000L water, Apply 2-3 times during the seedling stage, vegetative growth period, and fruit setting stage.

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