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2024 Dora Better Solution For Hotness Stress Tolerance

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The hot summer of 2024 is coming. Temperature changes are an important factor affecting plant physiological processes, which can easily lead to poor vegetable growth. Severe high temperatures can seriously affect the healthy growth of plants and cause physiological and biochemical disorders.

High temperature can damage plant physiological metabolism by changing the cell membrane structure, and the cell membrane structure is the main part affected by thermal damage.

High temperatures hinder physiological and biochemical processes. When the temperature is higher than 35°C, the stomata close, and high-temperature obstacles appear in roots, leaves, and fruits. Shallow roots die, leaf photosynthesis ceases, and fruit coloration becomes difficult.

High temperature also inactivates enzymes related to respiration, leading to a lack of metabolic substances, reduced protein synthesis, poor growth of plants, increased accumulation of toxins, and accelerated aging.

Temperature causes the stomatal opening to decrease and transpiration to decrease accordingly, affecting the transport of mineral ions and the demand for water in plants.

How Can Crops Grow Normally Under The Threat Of High Temperatures?

1. Irrigate in time and cool down in time. Timely irrigation can improve the field microclimate and reduce the temperature between plants by 1-2°C. Dryland crops can use water spraying facilities or sprayers to spray water directly on the stems and leaves of the crops to maintain the balance of water in the plants by cooling and humidifying.

2. Strengthen field management. Hoeing the soil promptly after watering can improve the drought resistance of crops. Reasonable fertilization and weeding can improve the nutritional status of crops, enhance their ability to withstand high temperature hazards, and avoid and mitigate the hazards of high temperature.

3. Use sunscreen. By applying biostimulant (Dora KelpReal) to crops, plants are induced to develop resistance, which greatly improves the crops’ ability to resist drought and high temperature.

Other Materials Can Be Used In Hotness Defense

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