Field Trial On Potato

Field trial on potato


1.Test place: Jiangsu,Nanjing pukou PuHao ecological garden


2.Test design:


Control2016-3-17:Irrigation,compound fertilizer(NPK) 675KG/Ha
2016-4-2:Irrigation,normal Water soluble fertilizer 60kg/Ha
Treated 12016-3-17:Irrigation,compound fertilizer(NPK) 675KG/Ha
2016-4-2:Irrigation,Dora Enhancer Bio powder 300g/Ha
Treated 22016-3-17:Irrigation,compound fertilizer(NPK) 675KG/Ha
2016-4-2:Irrigation,Dora Enhancer Bio liquid 7L/Ha


3. Contrast picture

3.1 Contrast during plant growth period(2016-3-27)


Potatoes plants treated with Dora Enhancer Bio are higher than the control field ,with stronger and thicker leaves.


3.2 Contrast in root system during plant growth period(2016 -3-29 )


Potatoes plants treated with Dora Enhancer Bio have stronger root systerm,more fibril and more potatoes than the control field.



3.3 Potato plants contrast 3.3 Potato plants contrast (2016 -4-30 )


Potatoes plants treated with Dora Enhancer Bio have more divarication, more potatoes and stem is more stronger than the control field.




ItemsControlTreat 1Treat 2
Output (kg)57.569.570.1
Total output (kg/h)239728842922
Rate of growth (%)20.321.9
marketability (%)68.786.783.5


After using Dora Enhancer Bio, potatoes can increase yield by more than 20% ,enhance the economic value of potato greatly.


Dora Enhancer Bio products have great effects on potato,it can promote the growth above and below the ground,and finally increase the yield, improve the quality.

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